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  1. I wouldn't worry too much. Sleeping on your pillowcase or touching your face won't cause breakouts. It could irritate acne that is already present but the effects are negligible. What you should worry about is the acne bacteria in your pores. That's what's causing you to breakout.
  2. Those look like clogged pores. Perhaps try some salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide? Glycolic acid alone isn't a good treatment for acne because all it does is exfoliate the outer layer of your skin. You can use glycolic acid with other treatments but I wouldn't rely on it as the main part of your acne regimen. If you want good exfoliation at the surface AND beneath, try mandelic acid. It is an AWESOME acne treatment!
  3. @aliasson Hi and thanks for the diet recommendation. There was a time where I was pretty strict with my diet. However, the results were not noticeable to me and it could just be a placebo effect. I've also tried taking supplements which didn't do much either. As of right now, I pretty much eat whatever I want. I can't exactly avoid eating foods like pizza, chicken nuggets, or potato wedges because that's the type of food my school serves for lunch (funny how the school supports a well-balanced a
  4. Most people out there have acne that's nice enough to dry up on its own with or without acne treatment. A couple of years ago, I just started getting these ridiculously stubborn clogged pores that will never go away no matter what I put on my skin. Also, nothing can prevent them from forming. They are extremely deep and they become inflamed spontaneously. The plugs that I get are huge, solid plugs that are like splinters. People tell me not to squeeze them but if I don't squeeze them out, they w