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    Working out, kicking acne in the ass when my inherited acne DNA decides to show up, long walks at the beach, and good quality beer ;)
  1. Great story. I can completely relate. When my skin was at its worst, my face looked like I got shot with quick trigger paintball gun. Ouch. No fun walking around public places for sure, let alone hitting on girls! The amount of girls hearts I would've broke if I was clear. I can only imagine now, lol.
  2. The one thing I can add to this post: Accutane turned my life around. Period. You can spew all the negative information about Accutane, go right ahead. Good luck changing the mind of the person who is suffering from such a psychologically crippling disease. Any accutane user who's aware of the serious side effects will tell you: WE ARE WILLING TO RISK OUR HEALTH TO GET RID OF THIS BURDEN.
  3. LoveGreen is right. Your doctor was suppose to increase your dosage as you go further down your treatment. By the 5th/6th month, you should be taking 160 mg/day based on your starting dosage.
  4. I'm reading through this section, and I saw your post. I had to log in my account so i can share my experience and give some advice. Based on the pictures, you are a perfect candidate for Accutane. I too suffered from severe facial and moderate body acne. Tried tons of remedies. Spent a lot of money for temporary results, visiting one derm after the other, and throwing antibiotics, creams, and played the waiting game to no avail. I understand your hesitant to take the Accutane route, but base
  5. My side effects are minimal...just the typical chapped lips, dry skin, and also, an occasional nosebleed. I always had nosebleeds when i was a kid, but it stopped as i got older. I don't know if its a serious side effect, but it doesn't really bother me. it just bleeds when my nose dries up. My scalp was dry on the first couple weeks, but i started using this moisturizer shampoo, and it has helped alot.
  6. since i was 17, and im 21, so yea...been a while...at least im cleared up, and thats all that matters.
  7. My skin has changed, but my character and personality, which is not associated with acne, hasn't changed. I was still outgoing, even though i hated my skin (not anymore, finally cleard up), i still managed to be social, or at least, have some sort of interaction with people.
  8. thanx for the info, as for my camera, i just bought it a few days ago, and still learning how the thing works hehehehe.....as for the laser treaments, my options where the fraxel and the C02. but the C02 has its downsides. Im really not a big fan of fillers, due to the fact that they only last a few months, and i'm looking for something more permanent. I'm just gonna wait till my accutane treatment ends, and go from there.
  9. My acne has vanished, but i'm left with deep, rolling scars on my left side of my cheek, and quite a few shallow rollers on my left side. The red spots are starting to fade, but well-noticeable. I'm only a month through my accutane course, and so far, the results are great!!!. couldn't ask for more. i wish it could fade my redmaks...ok...i'm asking a little too much. Anyway, i was just wondering what would work best for these type of scars???? I may have to take out a loan if im going to get th
  10. thats sweet jaxin...and my derm recommended me to get fraxel. and also, im thinking about having my treatment done early 08'. my skin has cleared up, and i'm just waiting for my accutane course to be over, plus the waiting period after the course. I was just wondering how much its going to cost, and how many treatments ur getting?...by the way, i'm from sacramento.
  11. i've had really bad acne a few yrs ago. and my derm wanted me to go under accutane, but i refused, and i don't regret that decision, at the time. I've had no knowledge of what the drug can do to the body, and on top of that, the horror stories of course. Now, i'm taking the drug, and my body is handling it well. the only pain in the ass is the dry lips, which i have to constanly apply lip balm. I really don't feel much of a difference in my body....no aches, joints, mood swings, etc, etc....ev
  12. I'm at day 12, and doing pretty well...as far as the side effects, just dry lips and scalp, thats it. the cysts on my back are all gone, just one left on my shoulder, thats it. i used to have a ton. my face is pretty much clear, just a couple pimples on my temples. the only thing that sucks is im not going to be able to drink till september. and thats a long ass time. i turn 22 on august, so the b-day drinking has to wait. I wish i can have my laser treatment, just to get my scars over with, but