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  1. I don't mean to contradict or offend, but a "do-nothing" regimen lives up to its name. It can only make a difference to the extent that whatever you omit was causing irritation, an allergic reaction, clogging pores, etc. etc. But I think you solved any mystery in your post. Your "water only" regimen actually had three steps: 1) You eliminated products or a combination of products that were aggravating rather than fixing the problem. 2) You changed your diet. Something in there that you
  2. Glad to hear your positive experience. Chances are you were aggravating a short bout of problem skin with the cocktail of different products you used. It is important to realize, though, that doing nothing is not a cure for people who are genetically predisposed to have acne. Listen to Dan weigh in on it: http://www.acne.org/blog/2009/04/22/doing-...ly-do-anything/
  3. It isn't likely to. If you want to calm the irritation a little, try soaking a washcloth in cold water, wring it out, and let it rest on your face for a minute or two. But I wouldn't worry. Just wait a while to put more SA on.
  4. I've read about it but I didn't bookmark any specific articles, so the easiest way for me to find a "source" was to search for a product I know contains alcohol on Beautypedia. If you haven't heard of it, it's a highly reputable site run by Paula Begoun, of Paula's Choice fame. http://tinyurl.com/3fx5ytu Excerpted: "Designed for sensitive skin, this lightweight gel with retinol is a problem whether your skin is markedly sensitive or not. That’s because it contains alcohol (listed as ethanol)
  5. I can't say anything for that mask, and if it works for you, then great! But in general, I would cool it on the Dr. Frankenstein routine. Home remedies are almost all myths, and you could seriously damage your skin. Pore strips are a bad idea in general and can leave lasting damage even on your nose, let alone sensitive areas all over your face. There is no "cure-all" for acne, and the closest thing isn't egg whites and cornmeal, it's Roaccutane. Unless you naturally grow out of it, you will o
  6. First of all, I want to say "hang in there," because we've all been where you've been and it's a tough road. I think the experience and knowledge I've accumulated can really help you, and I hope you thoroughly read what I have to recommend. Here are my main points: 1) Stay on DKR 2) Avoid Dermalogica Clean Start like the plague Here's why: 1) Not to call you predictable, but Dan saw this coming. Check out the "What to Expect" page, under the "Get Clear" tab. At two weeks, this is what you sh
  7. My first answer for mild acne is always salicylic. Before you dismiss it, you need to make sure that 1) Your salicylic has the proper pH, 2) You follow a strict regimen, applying twice a day once your skin is acclimated, and 3) You allow at least 2 months to see results. As you probably know, you will purge and look worse before you look better. Tell me what salicylic you're on, but know immediately that most drugstore varieties are not the proper pH. Two good options are Paula's Choice and Bion
  8. Athan


    New pics of me.
  9. The unfortunate reality is that hyperpigmentation takes time to heal. Sometimes years. I've never experimented with your methods, but I recommend introducing a retinoid to your regimen.
  10. Believe me, I understand where you're coming from. I've stopped using BP during the day entirely (something 3+ years on the regimen empowered me to do in the first place), which eliminates the shirt-bleaching issue. Stick to white bedding. If you're worried about wasting time, wean yourself off a mirror and read or watch something interesting while applying your BP and moisturize. Or read through some online dating profiles in search of a more understanding girlfriend. (I often just take the opp
  11. I have enormous success on Dan's regimen, to the point that most people my age (17) would not even consider what I have as "acne." Usually if there is an active spot on my face, it's because I decided to vacate a clogged pore with unhappy results. That said, my minor acne does return if I don't continue to be on the regimen. Unfortunately, I simply cannot use BP during the day as it has always ruined several of my shirts via collar bleaching. I have tried to work around this problem in a lot of
  12. I'm a guy who used to use some makeup. It really helped with my confidence in earlier high school years. You just have to be really careful about it, and be ready to brush it off if somebody does notice. When I was using makeup, only two people ever (at least openly) noticed. One was a close friend, another guy, who sympathized, having used some makeup in the past himself. The other was my girlfriend (who I'm still with, by the way) - unavoidable, since we were in such close proximity all the ti
  13. If your problem is simply clogged pores, you might be better off looking to something in the realm of mandelic acid. But Dan's Regimen helped my mild acne immensely (though it did not clear it entirely), so go for it.
  14. What Gender Are You: Male What Gender Are You Interested In (relationshipwise): Female If a person with a nice personality of that gender showed an interest in you, but had acne, what would be your reaction, explain your answer: I'm ashamed to be so shallow, but the acne does matter to me. I completely understand some blemishes, as I'm clearly prone to them as well. I can look past that entirely. I just don't think I could ever date someone with severe acne... My current girlfriend has a few bl
  15. Yes, I'm aware there is a pinned topic on men's makeup, but it's pretty much impossible to make sense out of that thing. Way too many posts, way too many recommendations for way too many different acne types. Any recommendations?