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  1. I havent used Cetaphil however I believe the Irish Spring is more effective because it helpes dry out my excess oily skin and prevents more from forming. I dont know, try them both and then pick which one you like most. Yeah, I will try and post a few pictures tonight when I get home from work so you can take a look...
  2. Hey everyone... Myself having oily skin realized that the source of my acne was the excess oil production and my pores getting clogged, resulting in white heads, cysts, blackheads, and inflammed red bumps that take FOREVER to come to a head (plus the pain after I cant resist the temptation to squeeze. So here I have my new regimine... Everytime I was my face I use Irish Spring bar soap, (sometimes) a washcloth to help exfoliate, then I pat dry and apply a thin layer of Calamine Lotion, which t
  3. So I've been researching odd cures for acne as I have tried everything but antibiotics and accutane b/c those are both harmful. So, my new plan is as following. I wrote it out in MS Word, so I am going to copy and paste.... One Month Holistic Acne Remedy June 15th 2007 --- July 15th 2007 Goal: Move significantly towards clear, bright, even, and healthy glowing skin. Current Skin Condition: Uneven texture/complexion, deep “blackhead†type acne around corners of mouth with deep “whitehe
  4. Sorry I forgot...Im excited haha... YOU MUST USE A NON SCNETED, ALL NATURAL, OIL FREE MOUSTURIZER AFTER to sooth your skin. I recommend filling your sink with cool water and submerging your face in it for a few minutes while taking time in between to work in the lotion and possible some all natural Aloe Vera (without Alchohol). You will be amazed at the results!
  5. Hey everyone, this morning while sitting on the couch I thought about my face and how my acne is always a problem. Then I began to imagine the results if I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my face with some sort of soap. So, I went to the kitched, got out a new eraser, went to the shower, and worked on my face with the eraser very gently. CAUTION: you have to use a gentle soap and barely put any pressure on your face! I used to much rpessure and a harsh soap, but you would NOT BELIEVE THE DIRT T
  6. One method that you can add onto soaking your face in hot water is to get some Organic Tea Tree Oil and some Natural Jason Ester-C Lotion and once you have soaked your face, pull your face out of the water and combine a small amount of the lotion and about 5 or 6 drops of the oil, rub it together in your wet hands, soak your face one last good time, and then work that concoction into your skin. It HELPS keep your face moist tremendously, gives your skin the softest feeling ive ever had, makes it
  7. Does anyone have any other suggestions???? please! Im desperate
  8. Hello everyone. I did a lot of research today as my acne has reached an all time high . I am EXTREMELY self conscious and want to see if lifestyle changes will help my situation. Here is my new plan. - Take 100 mg Zinc Gluconate per day - Take 600 mg Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids) per day. - Eat healthy fruits and vegetables (mainly carrots, broccoli, and oranges) - "Soak" face in hot water in morning and night - Before bed, apply Vitamin E Face Lotion mixed with a few drops of Tea Tree
  9. Hello everyone. I am kind of new to the forum, however I have had somewhat moderate to severe acne over the past 2 years. I am currently 17 and will turn 18 in early September, and my acne is getting out of control. In these times dealing with my acne i have tried Klear Action, Clearasil, BP, ACV (Drinking and Applying to face), Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Rubbing Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Retinoids, B5, Vitamins, Soaking face in bowl of water, steaming, toothpaste (on spots), Tanning, Washing face wit