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  1. its a this creamish stuff that is used to treat scars from anything like burns to plastic surgery. It works awsome.i think its main ingrediants are heparin sodium, allantoin, and extr. cepae.
  2. i would have to say from experience that some flat red marks i used to have on my cheek and jaw line went away with time and with this cream called CONTRAXTUBEX. That stuff really works but its real hard to find.
  3. Has anyone here herd of Contraxtubex? Its the BEST for healing scars and its cheap but only one problem, nobody sells his product from my knowledge in the united states. they sell it in south america though, thats' the only way u can get it, but this is deffinatly a life saver for me, literally.
  4. i started getting acne around the age of 14 and i am seventeen now and my acne is improving drastically but i think it because i am starting to take much better care of myself. Is it possible that acne from pubertiy will last for at least a decade? I was told by some that acne is permanent no matter how u get it. He said that its like E.COLI. everyone has e.coli in there intestins in an inactive form but the only time you get the disease is if something triggers it and then you are fucked. He sa
  5. anyone here ever think of suicide because of their face?
  6. i have the same question as you. i get cysts on my lower jaw by my ears. i try and not let my hair touch that area but alot of times the wind blows my hair or i have to look down at something and my hair goes to my face and it seems to be the cause of my cysts. They end up looking like a bruise when they heal but they take a REAL long time for the reddish color to go away. Is this a scar underneath the skin sufrace or is it that the skin underneath is still healing or is it that there is still
  7. ehhh whatever, i was just telling you UNGLE ANCE FACE FREAKS what worked for me when i was having trouble. It must have done something to me cause now i have pritty much perfect facial skin. i talked more than just about the E.
  8. i used to have bad acne but stoped poping them once i was starting to scar. Now when my pimple heals or a cyst i get on my jaw from my hair heals, it heals but it leaves a red mark. It doesn't leave any scaring at all but just a red mark or sometimes if it was a cycst with blood inside when it heals it is purple underneath my skin like dried up blood or bruise looking. Will this eventually go away with time? also i was thinking if mabye i just got a real good tan, my face would all be once color