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  1. Perhaps there wasn't enough Vitamin D incorporated into the body ecology diet? Vitamin D is one of the body's main tools to fighting any form of infection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek44OeWAiDkv- the doctor in this video can explain it way better than I can. As far as myself, I tend to stay away from all seafood b/c of metal contamination and the only carbs I eat are low starch vegatables which I juice everyday. I still eat my beef, chicken, and eggs cooked - as well as the yolk, a
  2. Truth, sex is healthy and natural. However, high insulin levels are not healthy nor meant to be natural. Because the average person has a common diet of sugars and grains (which all get converted into insulin) for energy, insulin levels are elevated too high. Unfortunately after ejaculation, males recieve a spike in insulin as other hormones are converted into it. Yes insulin is a natural hormone however it should be balanced with your leptin levels. When insulin is allowed to be too prom
  3. I've given up high alkaline soaps and cleansers altogether for about 6+ months now and my skin, body and face, has never looked, feeled, or smelled so great before. The oilyness I used to have constant trouble with on my face is no longer an issue since my body has regulated it's sebum production. Also, by dropping the use of any substance with alkaline PH my skin's PH level remains protected. Just this passed summer I've only showered with water, a baby brush to exfoliate my entire body, and on
  4. I wouldn't either if I had two as*holes beating me to the ground for no reason honorable. You guys just pick posters who have a contraversial approach because they are easy prey. The best part about this forum is the people who test in real life and bring back their own experiences. Without them, Acne.org would be next to nothing. You don't have to support TheRealCure. But please refrain from "Burying him". jerks
  5. Soaking my face has been extrememly helpful to my skin's health. I have well water that is free of chlorine, and has a little more mineral content.
  6. My current thesis is that the average person will start to see acne right around puberty due to the hormonal activity. Being that it takes time for your body to adjust, your skin may be a little slow in healing/preventing the breakouts. This is when people use treatments to rid acne, instead of prevent it. Generally these treatments mess up your acid mantle because their PH is too alkaline, then you have bacteria moving in more easily. So for years someone "battles" acne and continues to mess up
  7. male and female biologies are very different when it comes to hormones. Females may benefit from sexual hormone activity whereas males suffer.
  8. Currently what I'm trying to do. I soak my face in hot water then apply ACV. After applying acv I look in the mirror and see that all this stuff hidden under my skin is pulled out and lurking right on top. I'm afraid to extract so i just let the acid in the vinegar eat away at it. I only apply acv once a day or sometimes only once per 2 days. So I'm hoping my skin doesn't become to dependant on it. Manual exfoliation and a healthy diet works wonders. You just need to be patient and have good
  9. caffeine dehydrates you and suger triggers inscreases in insulin which makes a pro-inflammatory environment for your skin. small amounts won't make a difference. Jot down everything you eat in a day and look at what is too much or too little.
  10. Has anyone ever asked them what they do to keep their skin healthy? Do they have a regimen? or just good genes?
  11. I was wondering if anyone ever found positive results from paying 60 dollars and up for one facial every week or every month. The products they use are always questionable and it's something that isn't consistant like a regimen. I've had two done before only because my sister used to work at a spa. They'd always cleanse, tone, apply a mask - rinse, then pick and dig - and finally moisturize. My skin would look amazing afterwards and the aroma of all the products was very nice (Aveda). However I
  12. I remember putting neosporin over-night on a zit. In the morning it would be just about ready to pour out. It could also just be sleep that does it. The only side-effect to neosporin is that it can clog pores 8( But I'd go with hot water.