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  1. Yeah for sure. Scars take a while to heal, but I'm hoping my hyperpigmentation clears up
  2. Oh I see my skin is good, i have a lot of scarring and hyperpigmentation from my acne. I have a few little acne spots, but overall pretty great. I'm washing with water only still but I'm using an Apple cider vinegar toner at the moment to help restore my acid mantle
  3. That's awesome!! I'm so glad that you feel good with this regimen and that it is working out for you. Did you have to deal with a dead skin mask? Yeah, I feel like when I look in the mirror more, I just upset myself. I feel like it's a good idea to stop looking at ourselves so much.
  4. Good How about you? are you still doing water regimen? or are you doing something else?
  5. I hope so too Keep me updated on how you are doing with the caveman regimen
  6. I'm great That's awesome. I'm so happy that it worked out for you!!! For some reason, my skin did not like the caveman regimen again. I got what looked like an infection/rash on my face. I started to apply hemp seed oil on my face which made it worse. Just about a week ago, I started using aveeno moisturizing bar with colloidal oatmeal to wash my face every night. That's all I use with warm water. It has healed my rash. I have a few spots and lots of scars/pigmentation. I've also incorporated
  7. lucifer239, I really hope it works for you It is definitely not an easy regimen and it takes a lot of patience and courage
  8. Just wanted to post an update. I'm no longer doing the water only regimen. My skin color was great on this regimen, but I still had a lot of acne due to the dead skin build up. The dead skin build up was not going away. Right now, I'm going to stick to a natural method because my skin is very sensitive. I've been washing my face with hemp seed oil. I'm also going to start drinking more water, exercising, and eating more fruits/vegis.
  9. My dead skin was pretty bad too. Just hang in there. I found that washing my face with water everyday was too drying. It made my dead skin more visible and worse. It also dried out my face. Right now, I'm washing my face in the shower every 2-3 days.
  10. My dead skin mask was looking super bad to the point that it looked like I had yellow splotches all over my face. My parents suggested that i remove it with a washcloth and some potassium permanganate mixed with water. I did that this morning. I had chunks of dead skin coming off. My skin was red afterwards but now it is calming down. I will continue to wash with water in the mornings but if my dead skin starts building up again, i will remove it gently with a washcloth.
  11. Week 8: This week my acne looks pretty great. I have about 5 tiny little zits on my forehead. I have 4 on my temples. 2 tiny ones on my cheek. I also have about 7 tiny ones on my chin. The tiny ones are barely visible. I also have a dry eczema spot right below my eye. And, I have hyperpigmentation mostly concentrated on my chin. Oiliness and redness is no longer a problem. Dryness/dead skin build up is though. As my acne gets better, my skin gets more dry and builds up a dead skin mask. The s
  12. Adeel112, True, I've used aloe vera gel and juice on my face before. It's really great and soaks into my face very quick. It's also very awesome to use on sunburns. I just find that if I use too much of it, it tends to over dry my skin (which is really weird since it's supposed to be moisturizing and calming). lucifer239, that's great! Keep me updated on how things go for you ariumbold, will do Tomorrow will be week 8 for me. I'll post an update on that tomorrow morning.
  13. lucifer239, I don't have before and after pics because my face isn't all the way better yet. My face is still healing.
  14. Adeel2111, well when you leave the tomato on your face all night, doesn't it dry. I feel like that would be very hard to wash off without rubbing your face or using like a soap. How do you wash it off?
  15. lucifer239, i am just leaving it alone. it is supposed to go away on its own. my isnt that bad. its not that noticeable. its starting to normaluze too. Adeel2111, is it hard to wash off with just water?