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  1. okay 2 questions....is it okay if i start using BP and tazorac right after accutane or do i have to wait sometime after the last dose? is it true that acne is more easy to fight off using products after a course of accutane? thanks guys.
  2. i just popped a big one and im regretting it ...what are the chances it will leave a permanent scar? i dont mind if its red for a while but as long as it eventually goes away. i just dont want a permanant crater. i am on my 8th day. is there hope there isnt enough accutane in my system to affect healing yet?? or it doesnt matter when you pop either way youre screwed? what are some of your experiences with popping pimples while on accutane?
  3. this is the best time to start supposedly. the winter makes accutane that much harder to deal with. just throw some good spf on and youre set
  4. hey guys im at day 3...i havent felt anything yet..no breakouts...no dryness...some old spots have dried up and "fallen" off but i dont know if that is due to its natural course or because accutane is speeding up the process. i have started using a sulfer/salicylic acid soap (bought 3 bars from kavi.com for 12 dollars) to wash my face. i am hoping it will keep bacteria levels down to minimize the initial breakout. the soaps feel great though. i highly recommend them for the beginning stages whil
  5. yeah get rid of that derm asap, its your money and health you already put on the line and 2 an incomplete treatment pretty much renders any improvement null. it might be a hassle changing derms but your current one sounds very ignorant.
  6. okay so i am about to pop my first pill. i just got insurance for the sole purpose of going on accutane and wasn't sure if it would be covered but it did and it will be covered for 6 months of amnesteem at 15 bucks a month hopefully things continue to go well from here. so im running this thread in case there are some others who are starting around the same time so we could share our experiences and share thoughts or advice. wish me luck.
  7. starting april 10th hopefully. i got my script today, waiting for my derm's office to call to tell me ipledge is setup. got my lab work done today too. im amazed how quickly and effortless getting on accutane was. after reading the booklet i realized how easy guys have it, sorry girls
  8. hey everyone, i just got prescribed 40mg accutane to start today. ipledge should be in by tomorrow and by tomorrow night i should be on my first pill. i weigh 140lbs. 21 years old and suffered from mild to moderate acne since i was 14. tried almost everything. my derm did not hesitate to get me on accutane at my app today. i was expecting to have to beg but he was like "you are a good candidate, lets do it". never thought id get here but oh well im praying and keeping my faith everything turns
  9. im about to be 22 in june and ive had mild to moderate acne since i was 14. ive done antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, proactiv, sulfer soaps, SA wash, cleocin, erythromycin, duac cream, tazorac gel %(which worked well at first now not so much). ive always been diligent about washing and using my meds and still would break out. i can only remember being clear for 1 month maximum since i was 14 but that took so much effort of washing and cleaning. the only way i can stay clear is if my skin is reall