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  1. Hi! I have the same issue... Exfol Serum can really help keep oil production at bay...An intensive program using the Obagi regimen with tretinoin will definitly decrease oil production on a going forward basis, its lengthy though at 12-18 weeks but totally worth the results. Plus it has SOOO many other benefits like decreasing acne, improving overall skin tone, a complete program to get and maintain healthy skin:) It really does work, but patience is needed-LOL! Good Luck! p.s. MUAC has a
  2. dermHA's Enzyme Mask is a must have for red, irritated skin. You can use 1-2X a week to remove sticky sebum build up. This is also great for use after peels, when your skin is almost done peeling, apply a coat of the enzyme mask for 10 minutes and you'll have smooth skin, the dead skin will be removed gently. Good Luck!
  3. Try the Giovanni line or Nioxin Special Care-Semodex, to remove demodex from the scalp. Good Luck!
  4. A Lactic Acid Peel will really help. After noticing a decrease in hyperpigmentation, use a hydroquinone or kojic acid product to decrease pigment and maintain universal skin tone. Use a good sunscreen daily like Skinceuticals, Anthelios, or Nuetrogena. Red marks will not fade if you don't wear sun protection. It is a continous therapy when you are prone to hyperpigmentation. Good Luck!
  5. You may need a professional peel ( topical application to help with exfoliation and acne causing bacteria) to help lighten the dark brown or red marks that you mention and any blemishes that you have I would seek an aesthetician to analyze your skin and choose the appropriate peel if you havn't already. More information on different types of peels to help with blemishes and hyperpigmentation is at http://dermnetnz.org/treatments/fruit-acids.html Good luck!
  6. jasroach, This makeup does have some staying power and gives great coverage. It is hard to even remove from your hands, thankfully you can use handsoap for that. When removing from your face however you may want to try either Professional Solutions Rose Hip Seed Soap, DermHa's Acne Cleanser, or Obagi's foaming gel, either one of those cleansers will effectively remove the makeup *but* since the makeup is designed to stay on your skin and not rub off, you will also need a gentle facial brush
  7. Kayla 87, Some masks that really help with active acne are clay, enzyme, salicylic and a good microdermabrasion type cream. I like the dermHA line for Clay and Enzyme masks, and Physicians Complex for their microdermabrasion cream esp. for acne-prone skin. I would do a search for a salicylic peel, a lotion or gel mask would be the best for oily skin. Good Luck!
  8. babiscorpio11, What is your current regimen? For red spots, hydroquinone or tretinoin or a combo in Tri-luma or Obagi can really work. Red spots can take some time to fade, you have to be dilligent in applying topicals daily until the marks are lessened. You may want to try a professional type peel to help with over all skin rejuvenation. Good Luck!
  9. DJ, You are definitly not alone!! That is a very common feeling among acne sufferers, there are many devastating phsychological effects that come from blemishes and disfiguration of scars and pustules. Many of us have been there, many are still there, you need support. To find a good dermatologist and aesthetician will help. To find friends and people who feel the same as you do whether online or inperson is a real positive outlet to get your frustrations heard. These boards are encouragin
  10. ou may want to look into getting a peel done (Retinoic, Lacti, Glycolic or combo)...Once you have this done you can reaccess these marks that are red/brown in color. Peels do help greatly and so does hydroquinone and Tretinoin. As far as using BP and if you should wash mid-day especially after exercising, Its a good idea to clean the skin of sweat and sebum that lies on the skin after exhursion esp. with acne-prone skin. I would cleanse lightly and apply a sunblock. You can do your full AM
  11. Be careful not to overuse the gel, when applying sometimes you may feel like you don't get enough on so you may apply too much. Start slow, every other night for the first two weeks to see how much your skin can handle. With excessive peeling just reduce your dosage or time in between applications until your skin tolerates the Tretinoin better. Remember to use sunblock, your marks will fade with usage, I'd use it until your up to nightly application for 8-12 weeks to see full results. Good
  12. Sounds pretty clogged, you need to exfoliate your skin more. Some good exfoliators are Tretinoin, Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic acid. For more stubborn clogging of the skin, I would see an aesthetician for a microdermabrasion/peel combo until things unclog. Good Luck!
  13. Aelurus, Yes this is why you must wear sunscreen, actually there are so many more reasons why you should wear it daily to protect your skin but most especially when you are on a major treatment like tretinoin, hydroquinone, or AHA's. When you are using products to exfoliate the skin, to combat hyperpigmentation, or to reduce acne/wrinkles, the skin is very prone to the increasing damage that the sun causes. Your moisturizer is fine, just be generous with it, especially while on Retin A. You
  14. Renn, Also your skin can look dull from weight loss, some may experience this with prescription antibiotic treatments. To help your skin out, just drink plenty of water, it will help your skin from looking parched and dehydrated. Water/hydration really does make skin look a lot better.
  15. Both Hylunia and Dermha make high potency hyaloronic acid moisturizing serums, lotions, and creams. This will help lock in moisture to your skin. The serums are very soothing, gentle, and effective for what you are looking for. The other thing is if you want to moisturize and your skin is dry or irritated from Retin A, you could use a moisturizing suncreen. Especially in California, you'll want you skin protected from the suns rays. Good Luck!