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  1. Simple, natural and effective

    This has been so amazing for my skin, I use about 1/2 tsp of manuka honey in the mornings with wet hands and face. I massage it in for about one minute then rinse. My face feels clean, and moisturized. In the evening I use only olive oil, about 1 tsp massaged into a dry face. This will work so so well removing makeup. I then use a hot face cloth to gently wipe off the excess oil. Both of these treatments are anti microbial and the oil helps to tame the over production of sebum naturally! I use n
  2. Naturo2011

    Tara vs Acne

    My battle with acne at age 22 with accutane
  3. haha...nono...this is my face before...the others are the after
  4. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    I wish I still had this skin...even though I was pissed with it then too...but only for the occasional pimple.
  5. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    a little drunk...but it's a closeup so you can see my skin.
  6. Thanks, and I am really happy I found this site...I hope it does help
  7. I sure am Canadian...but I'm living in South Korea for the year And I'm glad to hear your face cleared up. One question though...did your face get worse at the begining accutane...then better?
  8. Thanks for the kind words I wrote my MCATS 7 months ago and am planning on applying to med schools for sept 2008...i never dreamed of being a dermatologist...but now..after going through this...i'm thinkig about it. I'd like to help people get through hard time with skin problems.
  9. I did move to South Korea from Canada 7 months ago...and stopped and started birth control pills at the same time...so that could be a possibility. And the reason I don't wear makeup is b/c it irritates my skin when I have acne...the acne I have now is really itchy...so makeup jsut makes it get worse...haha but when my face is clear I can wear it...defeats the purpose of makeup though
  10. I have had a big change, I moved to South Korea to teach english in september...I also stopped birth control pills for 4 months...and then went back on cause my cycle was a mess. So all this together added in with stress and a lot of weight fluctuations could have caused some pimples....but severe acne? I donno...right now i'm just gonna try to work on being relaxed and get this treated before I go back home to my friends and family.
  11. Yeah scarring is my bigest concern...I'm acutally having facials done each week at my dermatologists, and they do proffesional squeezing there...have you ever heard of this...it hurts like hell...and I'm affraid it'll leave scars.
  12. Yeah to have it come on all of a sudden is upsetting... esecially trying to figure out what it was that set it off....but thankfully we have accutane which should help us...keep me updated on your progress
  13. Thanks I will try to stay positive, at least this site will help.
  14. I hope it'll be gone, I'm praying for it to be gone in at least 5 months...before I go home (I'm living in Korea right now). Yeah going through this makes me want to be some sort of miracle dermatologist.
  15. Thanks, yeah me too. I took a look at your pictures..your face cleared up so nice...how long were you on accutane?
  16. Naturo2011


    Hey thanks for the support BTW I would kill right now for skin like yours! BUt I hope you can find something that'll get rid of the little bumps....good luck
  17. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    A silly picture.but it's the closes to my skin I could find...It's crazy how fast my face got horribly bad and I'm 22...
  18. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    not so pretty...bur i'm praying for this medication to work.
  19. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    My skin is so upsetting to me...it's hard to look at these pictures.
  20. From the album: Tara vs Acne

    I'm 22, and have had explosive acne over the past 4 months...6 months ago my face was almost spotless...a few minor pimples once in a while..but nothing that amounted to acne...especially not cystic acne. This is liberating to me to post myself on this site...I've found acne humiliating and shameful over the past few months, especially since I can't wear makeup But now I'm digging deep inside myself for confidence and self esteem...which I never believed I had problems with before. So I'm open