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    I'm interested in CURING acne, not just suppressing it. The cure comes from the inside out. I suffered from SEVERE acne in 2006, started accutane for a week...then abandoned it promptly for a natural cure. Guess what...I found it in a strict diet and cleansing. I haven't had a breakout since then. If I find my skin gettng bad again I just start up the old acne diet for a while, and things calm down. <br /><br />This experience led me to my current life path, naturopathic college.... everything happens for a reason<br /><br />If you want suggestions please don't hesitate to ask me :)

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  1. Simple, natural and effective

    This has been so amazing for my skin, I use about 1/2 tsp of manuka honey in the mornings with wet hands and face. I massage it in for about one minute then rinse. My face feels clean, and moisturized. In the evening I use only olive oil, about 1 tsp massaged into a dry face. This will work so so well removing makeup. I then use a hot face cloth to gently wipe off the excess oil. Both of these treatments are anti microbial and the oil helps to tame the over production of sebum naturally! I use n
  2. Naturo2011

    Tara vs Acne

    My battle with acne at age 22 with accutane
  3. I've got to say, you're still very pretty with the unfortunate outbreak.

    Do you reckon it's the change of environment and diet from Canada to South Korea that triggered it ?

    Hope you've gotten better now, would love to know how the treatment is working for you

  4. mine was worse then yourss ... accutane is amazing, dont worry youll be back to your amazingly pretty self soon

  5. hey!best of luck to you on tane! you should write a journal and keep of your progress, plus everyone here is so supportive. its nice talking to people that know exactly what youre goin through!! to clear skin!