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  1. Hello :] this is a megaaaaa update! i was kind of into updating often, but my ISP has been 'broken' ..i can't post on secure websites (email, forums) for some reason and i don't know how to fix it, so i am posting this from an internet caffee! >>>> DAY 31 <<<<<<<< I went to get my bloodtest results about an hour ago- they couldn't have been better! my liver function is perfect! wahey. to sum up, right now i have like one tiny spot on my face, it appeare
  2. hello! small update >>>>>> DAY 9 <<<<<<< my eyes are very sore atm, they sting a bit =[ my skins also becoming quite red..and dry. the initial ib seems to be wearing off, still quite bad though. can anyone reccomend some eye drops? to george hudd >> i live in kingston surrey! where abouts are you mate? thats me over and out, nothing much to report adamski xx
  3. heya matey ; ) ..i just wrote a huge essay of a post out, but accidentaly clicked forward and it went..nooooooo lol. my aching arms say don't do it! but ima gonna write a shorter reply. ..i had a 'hermit' year as i like to call it, after i had finished school, rarely went out, no friends, depressed etc. 2 years later, looking back, i can't believe that was me back then. your life can COMPLETELY change. i thought there was no way out, i was gonna grow old being a hermit.., but there really is a
  4. Hello everyone A short bit of info on my acne for you as i know you lurrrrrrrve the history! I'm 21 now, started to get acne when i was 11 or 12 (yes, i don't quite remember, last year of first school..started puberty before everyone else ) it started with little to no acne, but slowly got worse..when i was 14 my face was completely covered, and classes as severe. my entire back was also covered. i tried a number of antibiotics and topical medicines..they did very little. I found as i got ol
  5. Heya, this is my first post, in my first thread! wooo ..anyway, i've had acne since i was 12 (young developer, good in some ways :>) and it used to be terrible, its gradually gotten better and better, to which now i'm using a sunlamp for 14mins an evening, and it's completely clearing my face, ppl have complemented me on nice skin etc which is great, but as it clears the skin, i hant been able to keep it perfect for more than like 4 days, so i'm looking for a product to help PREVENT acne