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  1. yeah i'd say it s from hormonal imbalance because i only started getting this oil when i went on birth control. I'm no way switching birth control pills or trying something else hormonal which could just result in another bad breakout and no solid goal. and if i stop birth control well.. i'm gonna start breaking out hormonally like before. Knew BP was doing that stuff ugh. You try and help your skin and the opposite happens I've been using glycolic actually lately, a 4% serum during the day
  2. thanks @De Rerum Natura for the reply Do you mean as in i would have to take a full course for it to work? Do you think it's worth taking if i still have a lot of hyperpigmentation? As in interfering with the healing process?
  3. Hey guys, so i've been fed up with my super oily t zone that is congested and it's been a huge cause of my depression. I had moderate acne i would say before i started taking birth control and thats reduced the acne so i still break out in some small pimples and i have some blackheads and maybe a hormonal type painful pimple once or twice a month. But i've noticed my oil has increased a lot. Some days its okay, still congested but not very oily and other days i can't wear makeup properly. I d
  4. I feel this so much even though most of what i have now is hyperpigmentation. I can see some of my red marks are slightly indented so im kind of freaking out because i never use to scar and then an IB on birth control and umm ok wtf? Hoping itll fill itself out over summer... or the next year, it's really shallow. Anyways it consumes me. I don't like going out , i hate the sunlight especially and no one understands. They'll sit in it gracefully looking perfect asking me to come sit there (my
  5. I say go this guy! But i think juice fasting is the way to go. Theres a whole doco about it on netflix you guys might wanna check out. Fat, sick and nearly dead.
  6. you have such beautiful skin! What do you mean?? I can only see some very mild scarring which would barely even come up as anything , maybe only in certain lighting it seems worse? Don't stress too much <3 I wouldn't use any laser related things like fraxel, maybe just a retinoid. I feel like it'll heal itself with more time
  7. hey idk if u still get oily skin because its been 6 years lol . BUT just wanted to mention I've been on birth control for about 3 months now and i have only a few spots left but my skin IS way oiler than it use to be and i cleanse twice a day, take supplements, and drink atleast 2-3 litres of water a day, so im pretty convinced it is the birth control. Whats weird is you would expect more breakouts with more oily skin but thats just not the case right now, only really have some congestion from
  8. Give it a try

    Wanted to give this a good rating, ive decided to incorporate it into my skincare after noticing it manages my oily skin really well without over moisturising or undernoursihing it. I dunno if its a combination of taking zinc, vitamin a and probiotics as well birth control but rcently my skin has been pretty good, pimple here and there. most is hyperpigmentation. The aloe vera really does take the redness out and leaves the skin feeling pretty supple too. I'm going to continue using it to revers
  9. Hey guys, so my doc put me on microgynen for what he said was mild acne after i complained about it. it's hard to tell because i feel i exaggerate sometimes.. i'd say mild to moderate. Anyway, Ii'm pretty sure it is hormonal. I'm only just recently 20, so i decided yknow im on birth contol anyway i may as well find the ''right one''. I'm on microgynen 20, i realise its a low dose pill and in terms of my skin it hasn't done a whole lot except for remove the real hormonal jawline acne i ha