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  1. Oh gee golly is discipline all we needed? We must just all be real dumb then because that seems soooo easy. Where can I buy me some discipline, since that's all that's involved in curing acne.
  2. No lighting up. Please observe the "NO SMOKING" sign, pls thx.
  3. LOL strong hate, I have used THEREALCURE's acne free eating habits from his topics for the past week and I no longer have allergies, constipation, bloating, oily skin, gas, and my acne is healing every day You just have to have strict discipline, you people cannot live without your bread, milk, and beef/pork, try cutting it out and see the difference in your body...eat low starch veggies for carbs instead of loading up your plate with potatoes, pasta or rice...have some lean chicken instead of
  4. A long time ago I triied Acai - and my skin cleared, too. I know what you're talking about. The only thing is (I was taking 2 capfuls a day of the juice a day) and I suddenly got shaky and extra-hungry - I didn't know what it was at first - but it winds up I had Hypoglycemia. Acai , goji, etc. can lower blood sugar. For me, that's why I think it cleared my skin. So be careful with the dosages.
  5. Apr 25 2007, 05:30 PM (my original post was this date) About a month ago I posted about Hemp seeds. Shortly afterwards I went to a holistic doctor b/c I have been getting sick all the time - I have terrible allergies to the point where I have had 3 sinus surgeries. The doctor told me to go off everything I was on - every supplement and allergy meds. She told me to just take wheatgrass juice. I couldn't go to my health food store 3X a day to get shots of wheatgrass, and I knew that I wouldn't ha
  6. venomous, much? ONCE AGAIN, my post says March 26 I tried the hempseeds 2 months ago. I tried the hempseeds in JANUARY. You enjoy lying, don't you?I actually would feel bad for you if I truly thought you were illiterate. But I don't - I think you're a spiteful, despicable person with no life and nothing better to do than try to sabotage someone else from doing good things in the world. Go outside, get a life, a job, a girlfriend, whatever. You sound absolutely miserable and desperate fo