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  1. So, because something is "universally" true, it necessarily follows that it's instinctual, and not a result of any outside influences? Try again. If this message gets out, it's going to be a lot harder to get women due to competition. Shhhh
  2. 19 Male, probably suffered for about 3-4 years, scale would put me at about.. 5 ish I'd say.
  3. Well, i'm sorry to hear about that if it really is what you're suffering from... But don't worry about it, your life won't suck! Things like Acne are not the end of the world! I've got moderate back and chest acne, bordering on the severe side during serious breakouts, and I have a beautiful girlfriend that LOVES me with my shirt off ;P I'm a firm believer that no matter what you have, love it, and be confident: that's 20x more attractive than any sort of physical trait
  4. Mild intermittent facial acne, moderate back and chest acne case here. Starting b5 treatment today. Will update. ... And no, I don't know why I decided to type like that. ;P