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  1. My acne has been on my chest, face, arms, and back. Now I notice it's starting to spread to my neck! I can't cover it up with clothing and it's embarrassing. I would be so beautiful without acne but it's ruined my appearance. My mom threatens to ground me if i even speak of my acne. She doesn't take this seriously.
  2. She's worried about the possible side effects.
  3. Turns out I'm not getting accutane. Forever going to be stuck like this. I had a panic attack when my mom told me that. I ran to the bathroom and cried. My mom doesn't understand how bad this is for me. I have wanted to commit suicide. She doesn't take me seriously.
  4. I might be starting accutane today and my skin is dry already because it's winter time. I need a foundation that can give me full coverage and look good when my skin is super dry. Any recommendations?
  5. Sticky

    Removes makeup well but makes face tight and sticky feeling. Yes, I rinse thoroughly and it still leaves this feeling. It hasn't made my acne worse but hasn't improved it either.
  6. I've had acne now for 2 years but in the last few months it has gotten major. Cysts on my back and jawline. Whiteheads and blackheads on my face, neck, back, and heat. My medicine makes my face red and I cover it with foundation. My face is so bumpy, red, and dry. Sometimes I find myself saying "I can live with acne, I can do this." Other times I find myself crying and wishing I was dead. The stress of my first year of high school just makes it worse. I'm starting accutane soon (hopefully). Thi
  7. I'm going to the dermatologist in two days to see if I can get accutane. I've been waiting so long for this. I have a picture of my skin when it was clear compared to now.
  8. How is your skin now? I'm starting accutane soon and excited to see the results.
  9. My friend wants to sleepover tomorrow and I'm so nervous. She hasn't seen my face without makeup except when it was clear. I'm thinking about making up an excuse to get out of this. My acne treatment makes my face red and I'm on period so I'm getting cysts on my jawline!
  10. I might be taking accutane starting in December because my medications aren't really helping right now. I have severe acne on my back with cysts, scabs, and whiteheads. I have whiteheads and blackheads on my arms, face, and chest. I'm hoping I can have this cleared up by Spring or Summer because I heard it takes awhile. Does it help with blackheads too?
  11. lydiatank

    Eh it's ok

    Eh it's ok

    Took this when I had moderate acne and it helped just a little bit not much noticeable though.
  12. lydiatank

    No results yet

    No results yet

    I have been on this a month and saw no results so far. My dermatologist has me on it for two months so I'll see what I happens.
  13. Doesn't help at all

    I've been on this and tretinoin + doxycline for a month now. I've not seen any noticeable results.
  14. Does birth control really work for moderate inflamed acne? I've heard mixed things and I'm going to see a doctor about maybe prescribing it.
  15. Great coverage

    It has amazing coverage of rashes and red acne. I have moderate acne on my face, chest, and back. It's great but you might need to use a primer because by the end of the day it comes off. Never made my acne worse.