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  1. Welp, changing directions a little bit here but I really do feel that I let acne prevent me from living out my dream of a singing career. Being self-conscience about my skin was a bitch for me. Oh yeah, picture this: PrettyBrownEyes on stage and under hot bright lights,,,,,,,well, you get the picture. But later on some how felt more comfortable and would do performances with my local band and it was still fun b/c singing is my hobby I guess you could say
  2. I would say they're both equally damaging to your psych while you're going thru that stage. But like other poster's pointed out, with my acne I knew I would find a treatment or eventually grow out of it. But unfortunately I grew out of it a little too late b/c my cheeks are full of scars(where my acne took it's toll). I do say......if you can ppl, don't give up like I did and now find myself looking for scar treatments that really work!!!
  3. I'd just like to say that I have read this entire thread(yes, page 1 thru 25) and it took me back down memory lane. I'm a fairly new poster here but I would love to give every sufferer here a hug. I had real bad cystic acne for years and and over the years heard all of these comments directed at myself. I hope what I'm about to say will only encourage and not make any of my fellow sufferer feel worse. O.K., I just want to mention that now I'm in my late 30's and while I don't have acne flare
  4. I have just started using it and I'm told it does work but it will take 6mos. to a year to see good results. Are there any on here that has used this product for a year or more??
  5. Good luck to you Sj!!! Myself, I just ordered the Epidermx?camella oil. Suppose to be gentle enough yet target's acne scarring but it will be a long road until I see the type of improvment I want. I'm so scared of some of the other treatments I hear about so I guess I'll take the snail approach to better skin.Lol
  6. Covering cheeks with my hair(check) Avoid large groups in harsh lighting(check) Sitting in shade rather than sunlit areas(check) Making my own up...lol Avoiding side profile at all cost(check) My cheecks are the afflicted, didn't say affected, area so I find myself always facing a person straight on and not turning my head to the left or right. What a life huh?
  7. Hi SJ, since I'm new to the board basically I've just been browsing and I decided to respond. Now I don't know what treatments do or don't work. Which is what brought me to this board. I too am African American and also have been told in the past that certain procedures are not good for "dark-complexion's. I have caramel colored skin but you know what I mean. This one doctor told me that TCA(a microdermabrasion I think) will totally damage a melanin in AA skin b/c of pigment changes. So
  8. Oh shit, this thread is sooooooo depressing , I have every kind of scar you can think of on my cheeks: rolling, ice pick, craters, "orange peel(lol), blackheads, dark marks, pock marks>>>>>>>> And I came to this site to try to find "a cure". At least I know how not to spend my money.