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  1. Already 4 months! I havent updated in a while.. im only 1.5 boxes away from the end of this annoying treatment. I've been on 80mg a day for a while now. I will end this box (13) at this high dose and then the last one (14) only 20mg per day (so one more month) so my body gets used to not having the drug in it anymore. I did lose a lot of weight. I started off with 54kg/119lb and now im at 108-110lb (49-50kg) only by stopping the beer ingestion... by the end of the treatment i would have re
  2. So.. 10 weeks. Only a few changes: - my lips HURT. They are red and a bit cracked on the sides. Aquaphor keeps them moisturized but this is too much for that cream haha it is not THAT horrible though (yet) it could be worse. - no more nose bleed - no more pain. - my skin isnt falling that much anymore. Of course its still dry but it was worse a few weeks ago.
  3. So.. 8 weeks done. Still on 60mg/day. Today i felt PAIN for the first time, but i guess its because i barely drank any water in the past 3 days and my body is aching for hydration. Everything hurt, my back, my legs, my arms, my hands.. it was awful. So now im going to drown myself in water Aquaphor is the best thing ever. I've been having tons of issues with my nose because of dry blood that hurts like hell.. so i just put tons of Aquaphor inside my nose and voila! Problem solved. Its a bit di
  4. I'm on day 44, 15 on the new dose, and so far nothing but dry lips. No pain, no fatigue, nothing.. i got only 1 nose bleed but it was not bad at all. My next appointment is on the 24th, perhaps i'll get a higher dose too, 80mg per day. I think my body tolerates the drug very well, but im a bit concerned about not getting the side effects, not complaining though, i dont want to be in pain or act all crazy, but i wonder if the drug is working the way it should? I got only 3 very small spots/c
  5. So.. one month in. I cant believe how fast time went by! I had my doctors appt 2 days ago and she told me to start taking 60mg per day since i havent had any side effects yet. Looks like my body is tolerating the drug so well! Side effects: - lips are tight/dry but nothing too bad tbh. Im still on Carmex every 30 min / 1 hour (i dont let them dry, just apply whenever i feel there is not much product left on my lips) but i think next week i will try Aquaphor and see if i like it better, since
  6. Only 1 update since yesterday: my face (my cheeks only) is red.. i look blushed all the time now. it doesnt hurt/itch/bother so i really dont mind. Lips are still ok, no aches, no nose bleeds, no extra dryness, no new break outs.
  7. I loooove popping pimples! but, as everyone else, I tend to pop them too soon sometimes and it leaves a horrible scar. Thanks for posting this. Its good to take a min and think before popping one!
  8. Soooo.. I think i mixed up the dates. Today, october 13th, is day 17 of my treatment. It doesnt really makes a difference, but i want to be as precise as i can. - no new side efects. Just my lips a bit tight, but not dry. Dry blood inside my nose. - the 3 cysts i had, that "died" after my cortisone shot are only a little visible. They are almost completely gone from my face. No new break outs / spots. * tosay i started taking fish oil pills, as i read its great for the skin and it really
  9. 3 things I forgot to mention: 1) since day 2 i had my nose full of dry blood boogers (sorry, theres no way to say this and sound like a lady) but no nose bleed yet. 2) i took birth control pills for 8 years to control my very irregular cycle, this helped a bit with my acne but didnt clear my face.. stopped for a year -affecting my skin at levels i had never experienced before- and started taking them again 4 months ago, when i decided i was going to start the treatment. 3) my lack of appetit
  10. I started taking isotretinoin 14 days ago, 40mg per day (20mg during lunch and 20mg during dinner time) Side effects: - around day 10 i started feeling tight lips but they are not dry yet. Maybe its because I apply Carmex ALL THE TIME so im not letting them get dry anyway.. - on day 11 I got a big cyst above my right cheekbone, now its almost dead.. its still there, but doesnt hurt anymore. - on day 12 i got 2 cysts on my right jaw line, one of "my regulars". But they seem to be "dying" f
  11. Hi everyone! As almost everyone in this website, I suffer from acne (not very original, I know) here are some details about myself: - female - 27 yo - 119 pounds / 54 kg - been suffering from acne since I was 14 - tried everything: antibiotics -none of them worked.. broke out immediately after stopping them-, creams -benzoyl peroxide, epiduo, clindamycin hydrochloride, all the drugstore ones, etc. - type of acne: cystic. 2 - 3 biiiig cysts all the time as unwanted guests in my jaw line an