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  1. It is nice to hear that someone else has had sucess as well. It worked so well for me that I wanted others to know of the option.
  2. Thank God this website exists. I would still be having white heads, blackheads and some terrible several month long cysts and now I mostly just have the scars! So, I wanted to share and see if anyone else out there has tried it? Current maintenance Regimen: Clean face w. gentle cleanser (Ivory, Purpose) Put on very thin layer Tea Tree Oil Put on thin layer Berts Bees Naturally Ageless Radiance Serum (see Makeup Alley reviews esp. acne prone people) Put on SPF in mornings (Purpose spf 35), ot
  3. I found that the Full and Soft got better with time. If it got too thick, I would take a paper towel and wipe off the brush. You might want to give it a try for a few days?
  4. Interesting topic. I think it has to do with getting food all over your face while you are eating. As far as a non-flouride toothpaste, I always have a cavity when I go to the dentist even though I have been very well behaved as far as brushing and flossing, but my cavities have gone away ever since I by accident bought the flouride free from Tom's of Maine. It is called "natural anitplaque tartar control plus whitening toothpaste" with xylitol, zinc citrate and silica. It is great. Total
  5. I noticed! What is The Present Skin Perfector? Is it a primer? Thanks!
  6. If you have something that works, stick with it. Are you having problems with your current primer?
  7. Thanks you two for replying! I feel loved..and informed! I checked out Makeup Alley and it seems like most people like it, but the negative reviews were a little scary so I thought I would ask the people whose opinions matter the most. I am thinking that I might just have to go and buy Hope in a Jar and pray that it doesnt mess me up. Any other suggestions? I am 29 years old so I really should start doing "something" about the whole aging thing.
  8. Have you looked up any of the old threads on apple cider vinegar (1/2 organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 1/2 water (or green tea)). People also add all types of stuff including asprin. Lemon juice is supposed to be great for helping to bleach out scars. If you want to stick with it, no problem adding in asprin. Hope this helps!
  9. You just let us know how you feel! It is okay to be shy and to feel inhibited by things. That girl probably thinks it is hot. My husband is all shy and introverted. I found it mysterious. Work it man!
  10. I am looking for a great moisturizer and anti-aging lotion that wont break me out. My skin is really sensitive. Have you guys had good or bad experiences? I was thinking Hope in a Jar.... If you have anything not Philosphy that has blown you away, I dont mind if you mention that as well. Thanks in advance!!!!
  11. I like this thread too! I love Soft and Full Mascara. Someone complimented me on my naturally long lashes. What? Me? I also love - beyond reason - burts bees lip shimmer in watermelon. It looks nice, feel great and actually moisturizes. I think I might have at least 3 - one for my desk, one for at home and one for my purse. EM primer 'balancing dust'- cannot put on makeup without it. does a great job fighting shine. EM silkdust. I use this when I am not going to wear any makeup and I d
  12. I would suggest going to the derm. I think they have solutions for that. I know that I had two multi pore zits that would pop then be back again same day and last for months. I cleared it with my regimin (see below), but I might be different from you. If you want, you can definitely try using the Calamine mask for a few hours everynight. It helps. But, I would still make that appointment. I think some others might have some wisdom to share??
  13. way, way too much my friends. way, way too much. On lipsticks, mascara, blushes, foundations, and then I am too lazy to appy them consistently and they mold in my drawer! Except for my maybelline full n soft and my EM. I think I am going to try to lose some weight. I will SAVE money by not buying food and probably will look much better. However, that would mean giving up sweets... Never,ever going to happen.