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    clubbing, meeting new people, going out to restaraunts, sushi, the beach, shirley temples, working out, yoga, dance!, God, family, my boyfriend
  1. We got the same birthday...means we are that hard ;)

    1. hey!!!!!! just aw on the bday section that its your birthday, so i thought i'd leave a comment to say have a great bday! :D

      1. thanks so much...i am VERY dry...so i added joba joba oil to the moisturizer and it is helping a lot, i realize now that I am going to have to start off VERY slowly. I ordered Dan's bp because people tell me that his is less drying and irritating than NOS, as of right now i am using the proactive bp, the recommended amount, it is less drying than NOS and has the same amount of BP. I am visiting my boyfriend next week, so i decided not to try to up the dosage untiil after the visit so my face i
      2. Thank you so much for that! My name is Ashley Gallardo and I have mild to moderate acne. For the most part I only have experienced white heads but around my jaw area I tend to get more pustule's. I am on day 2 of the Regimin and I obviously wouldn't have found it unless I was looking for something to help me. I had used the proactive cleanser for a few years and that worked okay, but never great. So i decided I can handle bp since I have been using it for so long and that I am deffinetely o