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  1. Hi! the treatment was individualized based on the initial consultation. as for me, it includes oral medicine (not sure what kind of herbs they are because they are in powder form), topical medication which i take home with me, and with each treatment: comedone extraction, chinese medicine being sprayed on the face, and high frequency application. the oral and topical meds were varied according to my skin condition. i actually had stumbled upon the ad by accident and decided to try it becau
  2. Not sure under what forum to post this, but i wanted to share my experience with Chinese medicine as a form of acne treatment. i had moderate - severe at one point - acne, and i had tried everything - including various antibiotics, topical treatments, ALA photodynamic therapy and accutane - none of which worked for me, or at least not long term. i'd tried various Chinese doctors before but none had worked, until this last one i'd tried. i've been going to this doctor for the last 2 years - o
  3. Papaya's supposed to be good for discoloration right? ... it seems recently shopper's drug mart's LIFE brand started making a papaya mask which they claim is from 100% papaya puree (or something like that).. anyone know if it's any good? thnx
  4. it depends on what kind of acne scar treatment your'e looking for..... i went for a needling treatment last year and i was pretty happy wtih the results... unfortunately, i broke out again >.<.............
  5. I believe there is a sulfur mask from Proactive you can order online..... dont know if it's any good though... http://www.proactivsolution.ca/product1.as...1&Product_ID=61
  6. thanks for posting up your experience.. i actaully made an appointment with dr kara for this coming thursday.. and it's good to hear about what to expect.. i'll watch out for the microwave thingie ^^.. i'll be going to the one at the scarborough location, is that the one you went to? also he mentioned this but i forgot.. did he say 4-6 weeks between treatments? also, i'm on doxycycline, do you know if it's ok to go for ALA while i'm on it? sorry for the questions, thnx..
  7. it's only been a week... and time seems to pass so slowly... there's not much differnece with my skin.. except it's just as bad as before... cysts...and the itching is driving me mad! it never used to itch like this before >.< i wonder if i'm wasting my time taking 10mg once every two days... how much of an effect would that have? i'm so impatient!! i'm considering quitting (sad i know, it's only been a week)... and trying ALA Photodynamic Therapy instead... maybe when i'm clear or manag
  8. i know exactly what you mean.... the waiting is driving me crazy >.<... i just want to be clear >.<
  9. mmmmm thanks for the replies... i hope the lower dose doesnt' mean a higher chance of resmission >.<... i'm sure that he will up my dosage later on though.....
  10. the weirdest thing is that he told me that *most* of his patients dont experience the initial breakout.... it seemed that on this site, *most* pple experienced breakout though.......... i'm confused as to why
  11. i weigh 104 lbs (47 kgs?)... but i dont think its' becuase of my weight that he put me on such low dosage ... cos he didn't actually weigh me !! i trust him though cos i feel that he knows what he's doing.... he told me to take it once every other day for the first two weeks ... emmanuel- what made you ask ur derm to put u on 10mgs? unluckyguy- have you tried going to another derm? i had to go to quite a few to find one i m really comfortable with and whom i feel i can trust to know what h
  12. you guys inspired me! i finally talked to my bf (of 4 years) about my acne concerns.... i thought it would be a good idea since i'm going on accutane... and he was *incredibly supportive*, and open and nonjudgemental, it was not as awkward as i expected it to go..... he told me .... well... actually he told me so much i dont really remember exactly what, but i felt so much better after talking to him... and so much better about my decision to go on accutane as well becuase now i feel like i h
  13. well said! here's looking forward to a fabulous new year~! personally, i really believe that pple with acne are some of the most beautiful people in the world (but maybe i'm biased )