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  1. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

  2. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    For anyone reading this, do not use apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil on scars. Use SSKI iodine, take it internally and paint the scars.
  3. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    I used a cotton swab and burned the tissue till they bled and continuously burned them until they were flat and opened up. Then started applying tea tree oil to dry out the open wound and cortisone cream. It actually works. But I pray they don't grow back bigger. I will post more about it in one month. The biggest one on my shoulder looks like a small knife wound right now.
  4. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    Been off Accutane a couple weeks now. Just dealing with scars. Face and neck have cleared up completely. Burning the hypertrophic scarring works but I just hope they don't grow back. Getting a back facial before I start the back tattoo to moisturizer bad help with scarring a bit. Going to try lemon on strophic scarring on shoulders. Will post pictures another time
  5. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    Antibiotics made my acne much worse, the only thing that truly helped was Accutane. I had facial/neck acne but Accutane got rid of it. The scabbing on the shoulders is from treating the keloids, the black scanned pimples are from the dry skin from Accutane. Accutane is the only thing that will help, it sucks but it works. Antibiotics in heavy doses are very bad for your gut and I hope you are balancing it with probiotic supplements (yogurt/sauerkraut).
  6. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

  7. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Spots that have turned to scabs and holes in chest.

    Antibiotics will only make things worse, eat a bunch of Greek probiotic yogurt and get on Accutane asap. Put light coats of head and shoulders classic clean on it. Just realized this is an older post, hopefully you got things squared away 10 months ago brother
  8. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Acne Fulminans Diagnosis

    Stay safe OP, best of luck to you in your treatment. Hope it all works out
  9. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    It's been a month since I last posted here and I must say that Accutane is a wonder drug, most of these scabs have fallen off but some new ones have emerged. My skin is looking better and better but the side effects of the medicine really do suck. I tried tea tree oil remedy on the hypertrophic scars and really didn't notice much of a difference then I began trying apple cider vinegar on the raised scars and have already began noticing a difference. Two more months on the medicine just have to s
  10. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    Actually I think the cause was antibiotics. I had mild-moderate acne in September on my chest then got some doxy for a month. After I went off doxy it started getting progressively worse fast. I've had back acne for a couple years tho it just never bothered me. Chest acne is much more embarrassing. And yes Accutane is helping, my back actually looks much better then what it was when I started. Arm/shoulder acne stopped, chest is still breaking out :'(.
  11. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    I have talked to a few people about it and honestly after reading many reviews about Accutane and seeing a few before and after pics that were worst than mine I felt greatly encouraged. Sadly because of this crazy chest breakout in the last year I have become so much less outgoing then what I have been in the past. Also 80 Mg of Accutane a day makes PT very difficult, joint pain and skin sensitivity are real from the drug.
  12. AcneIsRuiningMyLife55

    Happy Day

    Today is a happy day