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  1. well i hate to break it to you, but you might not ever get rid of them. I have chest acne that isn't gone either. I've had it for years. I'm on my last month of accutane and it's still the only part of my body that has acne. I'm not saying it won't go away, but hopefully you find a way to get the worst of it. I'm not sure why your derm would give you a cortisone shot???
  2. Did you ask your derm what they are? I mean i have bumps on my chests that are permanent now. Have you had these bumps for a long time? I need more info.
  3. Wow haven't been here in a while. It turns out my derm decided to keep me on amneesteem(now sotret) for a 6th month. She said i've only had 115kg of the pill and you should get 130, so i'm on it for my last month, hopefully. As far as my acne is concerned. It's actually the same as last time i dropped by here. I still have some on my chest. I didn't have a cyst since july but i got a big one last week, but it's fading now. I'm not sure if it will ever go away on my chest. :sad: Overrall,
  4. Good. Out of anyone, you definitely deserve to have your mind off the tane. Good to see your enjoying yourself. Yeah, my derm hasnt called back and it's been almost a week since i got my blood test so i guess everything is ok. You would think they would at least call to tell you that though. Oh well, i have my monthly blood test comign up soon so i guess i'll see how everything is going then. The dryness around my mouth(scabs) are going away. My shoulders are starting to clear up for the
  5. Did you have to get another blood test for the same reason i did? Yeah they haven't called me back either, i was thinking about calling them, but oh well. I'll be getting my monthly blood test soon so hopefully my liver is ok until then. Take it easy and good to see you dont' have time to stop here because you're out enjoying life. :)
  6. Oh yeah...i have a question for anyone reading this... Does anyone get a lot of dryness around their mouth? I must have gotten very dry around my mouth because scabs have formed on the sides of my mouth and it looks like i have herpes or have sauce or something on my face. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Wow i've never noticed how many mg of accutane you take. I didn't think anyone was allowed to take 200mg a day. That's well over your body weight...right? Sorry if this is a dumb observation...
  8. Thanks Freedom! It means a lot. I'm just stressing out now because i'm not sure if i'll be able to finish my course. I just got my bloodwork done a couple of days ago so i'll hopefully i'll know soon. If you want more info on what i'm talking about, you can go to my blog And yeah i know what you mean about the redmarks. The redmarks are nothing compared to your acne at it's worst. Right? That's how i feel about my chest scars and i'm sure you probably feel the same way. Ok well keep us u
  9. I guess i'll find out within the next couple of days, if i have to go off accutane or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i don't. Especially now because i think it's finally starting to work on my chest and back. I'll keep you guys updated.
  10. 9/10? Sweet you're getting closer to a 10! Are you going to do anything about the red marks and scarring? Ugh and i know exactly where you're coming from with the shoulder acne. My chest and back is still bad. But your pimple is probably one random one that will go away soon. Good luck and if i don't respond it's because i don't come to this site much anymore lol. Later man!
  11. Month 4: Same ol ' same ol. Face is fine, but chest and shoulders are still bad. I just got back from the beach this weekend and it has cleared up a bit, but that might the sun drying it up (because i did wear sunblock). BIG NEWS: My last visit, my derm said my liver enzymes are lower. He asked me if i drink. I laughed and said "not this past month." The reason why i laughed is because i drank the first two months i was on the pill and my liver was fine and now that i'm not drinking, my
  12. Could you reply to my log? I have a question for you. Hope you get better soon!
  13. Wow you've cleared up a lot since i last viewed your log. Glad to see it's working out for your man.
  14. Glad to hear things are going well for you Freedom. Everyone knows you deserve it! Alright I hope the next time i check your log, your skin is a 10/10.