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  1. Yes i do moisturize, but it's not getting any better.
  2. Hi guys, so I've been using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and there's nothing wrong but it makes my face oilier (maybe since it wasn't an oil control cleanser?) should i switch up to cetaphil oily skin cleanser?
  3. So ive been working on BP 2.5% on my clogged pores and its working well so far. When i procceeded to buy another tube, theres no stock on BP 2.5% Can i switch up to BP 5%? I currently have no side effects on BP 2.5%.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a 15 year old teenager who live in a tropical country which is full of pollution that contribute to my acne prone and oily skin. I'm here because I'm bothered by my acne. 2 years ago, i started developing acne on my forehead. However, it wasn't visible. I started changing my cleansers products a lot, tried using toner moisturizer regimen, but doesn't work at all. I got a lot of acne on my forehead, but I don't develop any on my cheeks. I do have acne blackheads on my chin and n