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  1. Terrible after ingredients change

    This used to be my holy grail product! It was light and easily absorbed, leaving no oily finish and perfect for the hot and humid climate I live in. Looks-wise, the product was white and had no smell. While it claimed to be a collagen moisturiser which is targeted towards older skin, it worked fine on my acne-prone, twenty-something oily skin. However, they changed their ingredients this year. I was so upset when I received my order after paying online (it's not super cheap!) The moisturiser is
  2. Worked great until my skin-type changed

    I used to buy this religiously, but stopped using it after my skin became less oily and required less coverage. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: - great coverage - pump dispenser - long staying power Cons: - limited shades, not sure if this has changed. When I used to buy it my skin was somewhere between shade 21 and 23-- why wasn't there 22!! haha - thick and heavy, you've to really dab it in especially if you have huge pores like I do I would still be using it if not for how I suddenly sta