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    dont have any now..<br />totally out of focuse
  1. HI Adam I was wondering how you doing after the sculptra injections? Well I'm going for my first session tomorrow morning, and for some reason I got a bit nervous just now and decided to read some reviews before I go... And well those lumps that some people get are really scary, let me tell you that.... But hopefully it all goes well, and we are both lump and scars free! by the time we are done! Well I would love to see some pictures of you how you are improving later on, I will post some mysel
  2. hey jack, im on the same dosage and I weight the same you do it's also my second month, although my face isnt oily it isnt extremely dry either.. it's just normal i guess, it is very red and I still break out a lot it has been getting better because after the first week it was a disaster, now it is a little bit better I can tell the difference but it is not clear yet.. my doctor is not gonna increase my dosage... Like they all say it's only the second month lets keep on waiting and see the fina
  3. Hi im also taking clarus, 40 mg a day. Im on day 23, but ive been too lazy to do my log. Wow you only have a few active spots! good for you, well me Ive got many, and everyday there are new ones popping up. Im still in my first month of treatment and Ive been trying to have patience but they are too noticeable and inflamed, that I feel really bad going outside like that.. well to be honest I dont go anywhere anymore, only to work because I have to. Two days ago I started using Spectro Care va
  4. hi, I got my IB after the 3rd day and it was really bad, now it is day 22 and I still break out a lot, and they are soo big and nasty.. It started around my chin, but those are now mostly healed even though it has spread out to my cheeks and sides they are bigg and my skin looks red and like it is bruised from the inflamation .. Well we all know that everyone gets it differently, I just hope it ends soon and that I dont get another break out in the middle or at the end of the course.. I know
  5. hey I started march 13, and Yes Im going thru the intial break out and its pretty bad, it started after the 3rd day and it is making me miserable even though I know I will get over them some time hopefully soon?!, but I just dont know how to keep up with white cysts poping up out of nowhere, and they were big and weird looking, I had never had them like that.. Other than that during the first week I had a lil bit of lower back pain, chapped lips but Im usiing Aveno Intense Relief Therapy which h
  6. well i've always been needy lol, but with tane i feel a lil worst I dont have a bf and maybe thats why i feel worst but im bitchy and moody with anyone thats close.... and I feel super tired as well I'm sleeping more than usual but I cant wake up cause I feel that Im still tired
  7. Im on day 12 on accutane and so far, besides the initial break out which its worst than before accutane I have dry lips some back ache and I just feel tired and more sleepy than usual
  8. ya, thats me everyday at work looking at the mirror... I hate when they just pop up and how you said they really com from nowhere!