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  1. When will the breaking out stop? I don't think 5 months is enough
  2. I have been on Claravis for 4 months now and I am still breaking out and have blackheads. I am 130lbs and am on 60mg. Is this strange? The doctor wants me on it for only 5 months and I dont know how much can change in 1 month. Anyone have similar effects?
  3. I a, 1.5 months into accutane and have had this red pimple with no head for a week now. Why isnt it going away or reaching a head? has anyone had a pimple this long before?
  4. my derm told me absorbtion is important and to take it with a high fat meal so I would think Olive Oil is good.
  5. What do you all eat with accutane? I have some bread and dip it in 2 tbsp on Olive oil
  6. Is this normal? Is it due to my consumption of Olive Oil? Should my dosage be bumped up?
  7. Im on week 7 of accutane and my forehead is still very oily. Has anyone had this happen?
  8. Is it alright to drink ACV while on Accutane or will it hinder the absorption?
  9. Is it alright to be using a 1.5% Salicylic acid face wash. Ive been using it with Acutane for the past Month but just wondering if i should switch if it will aggravate my acne more
  10. Anyone? I was on Sotret Month 1 and seemed to be clearing then This month blackheads are coming up and I have small bumps coming up on my cheeck
  11. I am on day 43 of Claravis at 40 mg and started with mild persistent acne. My skin is still breaking out my lips are a little chapped but not bad. Shouldnt I already of been clearing? and I dont understand why my Derm kept me on 40 mg for a 2nd month! Anyone have any insight?
  12. my derm said not to use hydracortisone because, it supress's healing and all it will do is lower my skins immune system and get rid of redness and he said to ice it 20 mnutes before bed
  13. it is red and mildly swollen my dad said, he said to ice it for 1-20min each day and apply hydro cortisone before bed on the affected area.....this was all due to differin :[