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  1. Gaurav

    Apeel/Needling IT'S WORKING!!

    GD2007, thank you so much for you advice, I will wait for about 1 year, and see how my skin repairs itself! Yeah, I'm very impatient with these things, its just im finally starting to see results and im getting restless, I want to see more results, LOL. Tazorac, if its stronger than retin-a, oh trust me ill get my hands on it, I ask my derm next time I see her. LOL Thank you n good luck with your regime, :dance: .
  2. Gaurav

    Apeel/Needling IT'S WORKING!!

    Gd2007, I have a few questions, Im new to needling and Apeel, well I just started reading about needling and I'm curious! At the moment Im really scared about pearing my own skin with needles. Been thinking about a purchasing a dermaroller from ebay, .75mm. Do you think needling will help me? I just recently came off accutane, about 4 months now, and I have been using retin-a micro for about 4 months as my post accutane regime. (Take a look at my gallery). My problem area is primarily my cheeks,
  3. Gaurav

    Fraxel Results

    Hi, Wow significant results, my question is not towards your fraxel results, Im more interested in knowing if at all your skin remodeled it self, prior to fraxel. Since your 39, im assuming youve been clear for quite some time, did your scars/skin remodel themselves, if so by how much? Thanks, again significant results, glad to see you got positive results, more importantly is not what anyones else thinks, its what you think about your skin, thats what really matters!
  4. Ahhh....I am so embarrassed now.

    U and Agoraphobia look so alike!

    1. My dosage is 80mg, kind of high you migh say but im quite tall, i just started just like you, only reason my derm. put me on tane was becausee i was still breaking out while i was on antibiotics. Your absolutely right, scars dont hide. :(

      1. hmm Agoraphobia? Well I dont have an anxiety disorder, but this acne is driving me crazy, lol. Then I realized is there someone with that username, and im assuming thats what you ment, not im not him, lol.

        1. Hey, my current dosage is 80mg per day, cause im quite tall, only reason my dermatalogist put me on tane was to prevent even more sccarring, as im still breaking out, after using antibiotics that is.

          1. best of luck with accutane. It is astonishing how well it works for most people. You might want to keep a journal if you have a camera at hand, as it helps to see how much progress youve made if you are feeling down in the first few months...