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  1. This is interesting but I couldnt find much useful information on it. Like what are the risks and side effects, any longterm complications, and how long does it last, how many retreatments are needed.
  2. Does anyone know of any good exfoliating scrub products that work well? Ive tried neutrogena, murad, clearasil, aven thermale but havent really liked any of them! any thoughts? ta
  3. Does anybody know if it is ok to use Aleve at the same time as being on the pill (Dianette)??
  4. I've recently been using Murad's Moisturising Blemish Gel - I have noticed no improvement and in fact my skin has too got worse. I've stopped using it now.
  5. Has anyone tried Cover Fx make up? What are your thoughts? And does anyone know of a really good moisturiser? one that is oil free and matte to reduce shine?? ta!!
  6. Hi, has anyone used Cover Fx or dermablend products? How well do they work? I am currently using Maxfactors lasting foundation, and revlons pressed powder, they work ok but I think I could do with something that covers better.