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  1. Thanks for all your reply guys. How would a diet of organic chicken and fish with vegetables but with blueberries and melon be. I dont want to give up fruit completly. I will stop dairy though and occasionally have a slice of wheat bread but I know I wont be able to starve myself of them completly because of the inconvenience. I've tried before and its been too difficult. I'd rather get some results than nothing. At the moment I feed myself on carbs, coffee, sugar and hydrogentated oils. Therefor the change I'm getting ready to implement is going to be pretty significant.

  2. Hi I was hoping somebody on here would be able to help me. I want to help control the candida overgrowth but I dont want to go on a dramatic diet to solve it. I was hoping I could do it slowly by taking a high probiotic supplement morning and night and going on a healthy diet which will include foods prohibited byt the candida diet such as fruit. Will a probitoic first thing and at night work? I jut want something to work over time veen if it takes a year