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  1. Well it's been almost a year since this whole thing happened and I gotta say I never got around to using any products but I look much better than it did before. I viewed some photos of myself from last summer and I can see the sun damage (thin forehead and veins showing) but in recent photos I can't even tell there's anything wrong. I did buy some nightly renewal cream but to be honest I am too lazy to use it and it's not really necessary IMO. Maybe 10 years from now when I'm in my 30's and my s
  2. The prescriptions he gave me won't help with any sun damage unfortunately. However, one thing that was of interest was that I have this raised scar on my nose that he looked at. At first he said "oh that's not a scar" and I was nearly fuming because the raised scar on my nose is definitely noticeable, especially when I point it right out to you. But he mentioned that it could be raised because of congestion/junk build up underneath it. I'll have to try the stuff he gave me which will help unclog
  3. Okay so I went to see the dermatologist. He gave me some prescriptions for the blackheads on my nose, as well as some super strong benzol peroxide gel (20%) for my back. However, the entire visit seemed like a "rush rush get you in get you out" kinda thing. I told him that I had general facial congestion problems...and the prescriptions he gave me certainly didn't hurt but when I mentioned I had some sun-damage on my forehead he quickly said "oh it's fine." In hindsight, if I brought 'before and
  4. Be extremely careful when you're applying your moisturizer. When you're rubbing it into your skin over the BP, it picks up trace amounts of the chemical. You might think "oh it's just moisturizer, it doesn't matter if I get a few trace amounts under my eye" but remember there is a tiny bit of BP which gets mixed in there. So be EXTRA careful not to rub in the moisturizer in the sensitive areas of your face.
  5. If I were you, I would only use spot treatment on your forehead. For me, I used BP regularly on my entire face, including the forehead, and everything was fine for a while. But I noticed that as soon as I was in the sun semi-regularly, a few fine lines on my forehead appeared. In addition, the entire skin on my forehead thinned out a little and the veins are slightly more prominent. I used the exact same moisturizer as you did, and my forehead seemed oily but there were still cracks on my skin
  6. Okay I understand what you're saying. I realize that before the BP the sun wasn't doing any noticeable effects to my skin at this moment, but you're right it will add up (whether I am applying BP or not). And after seeing some minor effects of sun damage in my early 20's, I will be sure to be very careful from now on. For example, tomorrow I am gonna be in the sun all day, but I am gonna wear a hat and put SPF15 sun screen on my face. A little sun exposure here and there can't hurt (5-10 minutes
  7. I think the cause is 100% related to BP. I've never had any issues with sun damage in my entire life. I've gotten the occasional sun-burn here and there...but never anything serious and I rarely wore sun screen unless I was outside all day. And ya I went to the tanning salon a few times, and I have been getting outdoor sun a couple times a week. My face was even sunburned once a few weeks ago after playing a full soccer game in the very hot sun. But the thing is everyone else where I live goes
  8. I'm from Canada actually, contrary to my american sounding username. That's why the sun really isn't a big issue up here lol...it's sunny for like 3 months out of the year so for the most part people go without sunscreen. If I was living down in California I would definitely be more careful about being out in the sun - but as it stands in Canada, why should I have to? I just ordered 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Gel from Paula's choice website, is that a good idea for my forehead or would a AHA moisturi
  9. Over the last couple weeks I have noticed that something is wrong with my forehead. You know when you frown, those two vertical lines that form in between your eyes? Those fine lines have developed slightly. I have vastly cut down my use of the Regimen, as I heard it can cause wrinkles. Fortunately, those fine lines are diminishing with increased moisterization and less BP (it's not like I was using much BP to begin with but I digress...). However, there is something else that is bothering me
  10. Ya those scars don't look bad, really. But yes they are slightly noticeable, and if it does bother you then I'd look into removing them. I think a couple fraxel laser treatments would probably do the trick, as it's a less abrasive procedure and those scars aren't really that bad at all to be honest.
  11. I understand no sun for 3-6 months - that's understandable. My main concern is AFTER an extended period of time, not being able to go out in the sun unless I wear sun screen. So let's say 9 months after the procedure, I have stayed out of the sun and everything is healed up...can I go outside to play basketball in the sun without having to worry about sun block? I understand that sun screen should be worn anyways, but where i live the hottest it gets is like 80 Fahrenheit so you can stay out fo
  12. I am very worried also. I have been using the BP regimen for a few months now and so far in terms of acne, it has been great. But I also have noticed that there are a few minor wrinkles on my forehead now, and also when I smile the area around my eyes kinda scrunches up (and I was careful not to put the BP on or near my eyes). Now, I haven't been using a ton of moisterizer but I have naturally oily skin so it hasn't really been necessary. But I still have used moisterizer every time I have used
  13. Most of my redmarks have gone away, I am mainly concerned about uneven skintone, texture and excess blackheads now.
  14. I've been using the Dan Kern regimen for the past few months and I've had great results so far. Pimples on my cheek have all but disappeared, and most of my red marks have faded away. However, I'm noticing that my forehead skin texture does not look good at all. No pimples there of course, but there are tons of tiny tiny little bumps that makes the whole area look very rigid and unhealthy. I admit that the past month or so I haven't been using much moisterizer with BP because my skin didn't loo