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  1. great post!! I have a question though.. Would taking/applying spiro or other dht blocker lower the chance of growing out of acne? Thanks
  2. he's got that "nicholas cage signature smile" like the picture on "about me"
  3. i have acne you have acne if we didn't have acne we would be LAMEEE
  4. hi im looking for something that can keep acne under control that has no significant longterm side effects. I am 95% clear now but still prone to acne anytime.. benzoyl peroxide - could discolor skin. dries out skin so will always try to compensate oil, slight chance of cancer tea tree oil - skin can get used to it(not sure) there is a study that shows tea tree oil can make boys have boobs but i think thats ridiculous. aloe vera - possible eczem
  5. I was on dan's regimen few months ago.. I am free of active pimples now and currently dealing with post acne marks. but i wish i never started dan's regimen. My skin was never this much oily before. My skin's so shiny. Like really shiny. Probably more shiny than pizza. I am going to see a doctor today but i have already talked to many doctors before and they said stuff like bp, stievamycin etc absorb oil hence they will actually help with oil. But I think my skin always counteracts and it seems
  6. http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b201/tow...t=countolaf.jpg Hi, I posted a similar thread in the scar forum, but I post this here anyway.. As you can see, I have redmarks here and there and brownmarks too. I am planning to do 30% glycolic acid peel 3times with 10days inbetween. I just want to know how bad my redmarks are. Thanks
  7. http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b201/tow...t=countolaf.jpg I kind of overcame acne and am dealing with post acne marks.. I think I have scars for sure here and there, but I don't know what kinds they are and how serious the scars are.. I am planning to do 30% glycolic peels 3 times with 10days inbetween Being only 15years old now, would that be enough? Also, I heard about dermaroller/skinroller.. Should I give that a try? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have pantethine pills which are softgels and obviously, if I cut the gel I would get a liquidy substance. I heard that pantothenate acid (pantethine) is much more effective when applied tropically. So, why dont we just cut the softgel and apply the substance instead? Anyone tried or thought of this before?
  9. i came off the regimen quite successfully... whqat i did is.. first i only used bp at night for like 3days then completely stopped using it, but I used aloe vera gel. aloe vera has somekind of ingredinet(antiseptic? antibacteria? i dunno) so it keeps acne under control. I use it everyday. Also, dont forget to exfoliate regularly
  10. I like aloe vera gel because it helps w/ redmarks, but the reason why i use it is because it keeps acne under control. good stuff..
  11. Hi, I got loreal renoviste glycolic peel kit (10% concentration).. I just noticed that most people use and prefer 30%... Is 10% too weak? I am planning to do it twice a week for a month - 8 peels in a month. Should I just throw away the loreal peel kit and get 30% concentration? I actually did one peel today, and I havent noticed significant difference.. Actually, i dont really see any difference.. I am 15 yrs old - if that helps.. Should I continue? Thanks