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  1. My 2nd month and Im having really bad breakouts, no signs of improvement:/ the skin dryness is somehow managing to get better somehow except my lips which are getting worse. Really nervous if it will ever work out but still holding on to some hope.
  2. My 27th day and my face and lips are very dry, i woke up with a breakout on my cheeks and chin. This is hard!
  3. So today, which is my 12th day I got my first nosebleed, I have been getting break outs and dry skin and I've so tired and energyless. I was taking 40mg but now I'm taking 20 because I felt like 40mg was too much for me
  4. I've been going through a face full of acne for five years now. I started taking Accutane on 27th on September, and this is my 12th day on the long journey. I am so excited to see the results although I know that it will be a tough journey for me. So far I have seen some differences on my face, my spots have lessened up a bit. The side effects are also kicking in, my lips are extra dry but I moisturise them with Vaseline, my skin is really flaky but the worst part is my dry flaky scalp, it's a n