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  1. When I first got it my face peeled alot after the 2nd day, and I got a washcloth and scrubbed vigorously and the peeling hasn't come back yet, 2 weeks later.
  2. Do you know how the zeno works? If you are taking antibiotics, I'd think it'd be best for you capillaries to come to the surface.
  3. And why does 30g of tazorac cost more than twice the amount 15g costs???
  4. What are the ramifications of using tazorac while swimming for a about 1 hour everyday, and running every other day during the weekdays? Is tazorac cream sensitive to sweat or being washed off?
  5. Colinod

    Day one

    starting my prescription meds.
  6. okie dokie ps. yur face dont look too badd
  7. Well nvm, after my shower a few minutes ago, I noticed alot less redness (after just 4 days on the erythromycin) and I don't even have the tazorac. But there were new ones on the forehead, though some of the clusters are softening. If you'd check my gallery, I have a photo of me before I started my medication. I'll get one for the current tomorrow.
  8. sup? I still havent picked up the gel yet, but I'm noticing a lot more pimples since I've been on the antibiotics. i just hope it's a good omen.
  9. Lorrie: just wanted to inform everybody
  10. Less side effects? I hardly consider an empty wallet less. But pics plz, is it like blue light?
  11. I'm colin. I've been using acne products ever since i've had it. (Since 6th grade but it was mild(a here and there pimple), I'm now in 10th, with the acne getting progressively worse with each month passing) from tea tree oil, to benzoyl peroxide, to salycylic acid, to stealing some of my brother's accutane (haha I kid, I kid.) I've probably been using them incorrectly, which is probably why I still have it today. Looking at my scarred face (full of dark marks) I decided to take action. So I to