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  1. You're coming to terms with the fact that life is worthless.
  2. Because it's only fun to go to sleep when you're blacking out from drinking too much.
  3. Just tell him how you feel anyway. What's the worst that he could do? Dump your ass and find a less-insane girl?
  4. Get back at her by fucking two of her friends. And her sister. And her mother.
  5. I find it typically easier to wish death on people who aren't me.
  6. Sorry dollface, I don't think I could cope with the guilt of falling for a legally retarded girl (with a serious hygeine problem).
  7. There is nothing healthy about playing host to that many different strains of harmful bacteria.
  8. That's fine, I don't especially care to have your herpes (poor girl has red bumps all over her face AND her cooch!)