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  1. All of us have been in that situation but u can't let it keep u down, don't let ur acne be the reason u stand out, let ur personality control that
  2. U don't need perfect skin to find the love of your life...or atleast u shouldn't, the love of ur life accepts u for who u really r acne or not
  3. My advice is to start lifting weights, boxing, or something that u can put all of that stored up rage and energy into. If that fails try yoga...
  4. yeah facial hair is your enemy...whenever I grow out a full beard I've had problems with acne. I think some of it is related to the itching but acne seems to grow alot faster under a beard. I have pretty sensitive skin on my neck, I always moisturized after I shave and that really helps because I used to break out really bad on my neck after I shaved.
  5. yeah the funniest thing is if one of them gets "ONE ZIT" and they act like their life is over...
  6. I was the same way, my acne cost me too many realtionships. Even if the person didn't care about acne I was too shy to be social w/ them...
  7. I was on accutane for a while and here were some of my side effects... 1)Decreased night vision - one night it was so bad I almost hit a median going about 115, I couldn't see myself drifting. 2)Chapped lips - I had never had this before but it was nothing that chapstick couldn't solve 3)Decrease in strength - my squat max went down ALOT 4)Decrease in endurance - I got tired alot faster during workouts 5)Liver damage - this was the scariest because my enzyme count was almost fatal I
  8. I can't talk to my parents about acne or any1 else for that matter except for a couple good friends. Yeah, Sebas I'm from Jacksonville(North FL).
  9. ur choice...but that's my story take it or leave it, ur the only person that seems to have a problem w/ it
  10. I've been on national TV for football games a few times, because I sit in the front row and I'm ****in crazy at the games...
  11. Sup sebastain, what part of FL r u from? I live in Jacksonville
  12. well when I'm acne free it's a great time, still drugs and sex but not as much as at college
  13. I do him in saddam style...into the wood chipper feet 1st...btw then I'd throw saddam in there too
  14. "Acne is temporary...but ignorance lasts forever"...u can't let ur skin control ur life as insensitive as that sounds it's true. We all know that it is so hard to be social w/ acne but eventually u have to realize that those bumps on ur skin don't have to represent who u r. It takes alot of practice and u have to take it slow but once u can conquer ur fears u'll be a much happier person and those little comments won't hurt as much as they do now.