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  1. I have no words, my scars have turned me into an empty shell, im completely isolated and i have no joy for almost any type of social events. Im turning everything down because why not? i just dont want to be seen by any people at all. Of course there are situations where i have no choice but to go, so thank god for alcohol. Treatment is expensive and yeah, i just fail to see a fix for my scars any time soon, i'll just have to let my 20's pass, even though the thought of being isolated in my best
  2. Thank you for the great reply, do u think that these scars are easily treated? i hear that ice pick scars are the ones that are hardest to fix, and i aint got a lot of those. What annoys me is that i look so different depending on the lights in the room/outside. I have no idea which light that gives the most accurate picture of my scars, how other people see them.
  3. Im looking for treatment suggestions. And also what types of scars i got, these are the results 1 year after accutane.