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  1. My dermo gave me Retin-A Micro for my blackheads on my nose! And I've only been using it for about a week, and they are already disappearing.
  2. I hate Retin-A Micro. It burned my skin. On the sides of both of my cheeks it's red and looks like dry skin. Almost like eczema. Will this go away? Everything I apply moisturizer it burns.
  3. Day 29 Total = 890 mg Went to the Derm yesterday for my monthly checkup and am now upped to 40 mg a day. He checked my blood work and said I was as healthy as a horse. Right now I only have one active spot. My blackheads that were on my nose and chin aren't even visible anymore. They are totally gone.
  4. Day 23 Total = 690 mg I have two new active spots. One in my ear which hurts really bad, and a spot on my temple which is really unsual because I've never had Acne there before. My skin is more dry then before.
  5. Day 19 Things are going good. I have two new active spots along my jaw line. Thats about it. Under my lip I had lots of white heads, but they're gone now which is amazing. It feels so smooth. My side effects are so minimal. My skin isn't that dry, but it is flaking in certain areas. I kind of worried though that it isn't flaking so much. Maybe because my dose is so low. I'm on 30 mg, but am going on April 9th to see my Derm so he will probably up me.
  6. Hello Pippi36, Best of luck to you on your journey with Accutane. Keep us posted on your progess. Ashley.
  7. Day 15 Total Accutane (Clarus) in body so far = 450 mg My lips aren't that chapped anymore thanks to Aveeno Intense Relief Lip Balm. The stuff works wonders. Before I was using CeraLip by La Roche-Posay it was supposed to be really good and the pharmacist recommended it, but it really didn't do anything for my lips. Does anyone know about spot treating with a Topical while on Accutane? Or is this a no-no?
  8. Day 14 Lips are really dry, starting to crack. I got a new spot on my shoulder, and chin. They hurt like crazy.
  9. ABOUT ME Hello Everyone, Well my name's Ashley and I'm 18 years old. I've been suffering from Acne since the age of 12 and am now 18 and still going through it. It seemed the older I got the worse it became. I started to get it on my arms, back and chest which hindered me from wearing certain types of shirts. I've tried Antibotics, Topicals (Stievamycin, Clindoxyl, BP), and BCP's. I saw some results, but it was never what I wanted. This year I'm goi
  10. I'm a bit late on starting my Clarus log, but better late than never. FAQ's Age: 18 Weight: 118 lbs. Dosage: 30 mg's a day (at dinner) Sex: Female Acne: Mild/Moderate Body Acne: Back/Arms/Chest Day 12 I'm on day 12 of Clarus. My skin is a bit dry and starting to flake. My lips are really dry. My top one feels like its burning and it's very tight. It looks like I'm wearing lip liner. Right now though I have five active spots.