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  1. Don't worry, college is so much better than high school I couldn't even begin to compare the two. You will see that when you get to college everyone doesn't really care if you have acne/don't have perfect skin. It may take a little while for other freshmen to figure that out but it is absolutely true. And btw if you are smart, study, and work hard you will see suddenly that you become a person of envy. It is really true that as long as you don't find the odd group, everyone at college is there b
  2. Just wanted to post up my experience, thanks to your advice I picked up the Night Cream and Deep Moisturizer products. For many years I have been on all type of topical treatments, minocycline, and even accutane. Nothing worked greatly for me without side effects and I could tell my skin was totally trashed from all of that damage. So about a month or two ago I decided to give your recommendations a try and I can very happily say that I get pimples much less regularly, with a much smaller amou
  3. i used to be very dry like you. I used cetaphil heavy cream, vaseline, etc and I was still flaky unless I put copious amounts on. I decided to try out paula's AHA and honestly now just putting that on 99% of the time is enough to moisturize me. This stuff works extremely well to exfoliate and remove the flakiness. I also bought the cerave lotion at the same time but I honestly haven't even used it more than like twice... for my hands
  4. Are you serious??? Did you take even a basic chemistry class in high school? Don't state "facts" about things you don't know about, and don't even know what it is... acidity, not acidy.
  5. im pretty similar. for a while cetaphil cream was doing a great job of moisturizing but then I began to break out from it. I have been using some green tea vaseline but I believe that is starting to break me out now as well. So for now I am switching back to aloe vera gel with a drop or two of jojoba oil. This doesnt seem to break me out and seems to moisturize me pretty well. I am also just starting AHA, hopefully that will help with some of the flakiness as well..
  6. ive been using solodyn for months and havent had any experience like that.
  7. I'll share my experience. I have tried solodyn for a short time a year or so ago and it worked decently but I really didn't give it long enough time to do its job. I then switched to accutane which worked well but the side effects got to me after a while. A few months ago I switched back to solodyn 90mg a day and it has done a great job of taking care of my acne, within the past month or so I have started to have little breakouts that have been getting bigger and bigger and more frequent. Now i
  8. are you moisturizing well? it doesnt sound like it with the dry lips and your skin being dry might cause the itchiness as well. im not trying to bash you i have done accutane for partial terms twice now and i know how hard it is to try to keep well moisturized. and btw i agree with you that accutane hugely aggravated my acne when you first got on it. in fact it at times seemed like it was actually making my acne worse but then i stopped using it and my acne hasnt returned. im now on solodyn bu
  9. well i guess that it compensates by the fact that you can do nothing but moan about how you have acne and bash the heroes that go to war to fight to protect us. i dont give a crap if you think the war is right or not the fact is that despite that they are there because we asked them to be there. to the op, please extend my extreme gratitude to your bf and his fellow soldiers. they do something i wish i could do but cant and i am eternally grateful.
  10. I understand I find that usually people blame everything (or mostly everything) on acne once they get it, and when it goes away, problems don't solve themselves, leaving the person confused. Therefore, I don't expect life to be much different, but I do see myself a bit better off, at least regarding self confidence (for example, go out more - 4 or so nights a week instead of 1 or 2) Ah that's exactly what I was trying to say. I'm glad that you are not one of those people that think acne is l
  11. as the others have said do not worry. you will learn that many people have a bunch of acne products too and do their own things all the time to keep clear. and honestly even people that dont do as much of you if anything just might be curious but i have never met anyone that would knock you because you try to take care of yourself.
  12. haha well after like 6 years and many many treatments my acne is finally responding it seems *knock on wood*. But although my face is clear from any new bumps that doesnt mean that acne hasnt change you as a person. Sure Im more self confident now but you still dont lose the fear of waking up with new zits, nor do you become the fully confident person you may have been without acne. I dont mean to sink your boat but dont expect a full 180 change in the way you view life just because you get rid
  13. im able to drink a good amount and i have done it plenty of times will on tane, blood tests were always fine.
  14. i used to be oily but a year or two ago my face became super dry. it will become all cracky if i dont moisturize a lot, and accutane isnt helping that now haha. i used to use 100% aloe vera oil but that would take like 3 applications before the flakes would be gone. now i use cetaphil cream and that hydrates very well but makes you a tiny bit greasy. i just got jojoba oil as well but have yet to try it