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  1. Awesome, thanks so much for your reply. That makes me feel better knowing it doesnt effect the SA performance at all.
  2. I normally apply Dans salicylic acid at night and then wash my hand, dry them, and then apply my moisturizer. Is this alright or should I give a wait period? I know with retinol when i used to use it my derm said wait at least 15-30 mins before applying moisturizer as it interferes, is this the same with salicylic acid? I believe I read somewhere on Paulas Choice website that you can apply moisturizer right after because as soon as you apply the salicylic acid it penetrates into the skin so yo
  3. I like the way that it sinks in and is light textured. However it seems to make my face oily throughout the day a lot faster than most moisturizers. I also dont in anyway find it to be "intensly hydrating" as stated. Its hydrating yes but intensly is quite an overstatement. looking over the ingredients, there is nothing spectacular in there that would make it intensly hydrating either. I think it would be great for oily to normal skin types, but I have dry skin and it just doesnt work. Just my
  4. When I used to use JO, personally I do believe it helped a lot with redness. I remember putting it on after shaving when my face was really red, ir even at night with my moisturizer and it seemed to help not only with the redness but also with the inflammation. If you google JO you can find websites that say its highly anti-inflammatory, so I would say try it and see how it works.
  5. Just updating. My skin still looks amazing. I had a bad 2 days though, I must of got 4 or 5 big inflamed pimples. I cant exactly say what they were from But now they cleared up and my face looks great again Im still doing the same thing. Cleansing and moisturizing day and night. I personally think that all the products, chemicals, and stuff I was using is why I was always breaking out. My skin in the past couple weeks, minus that one rough patch looks better than all those years of using tr
  6. Haha no it doesnt. I love the sensitive skin moisturizer by dove, but I noticed something about them. The cleansers, they have sensitive skin cleanser, beauty moisture, and cool moisture. They all have the exact same ingredients in them, the ONLY difference is the fragrance. Sensitive skin has none, beauty moisture does and the cool moisture has a different one. Their moisturizers are the same, they have 2 or 3 with different names but again they all have the same ingredients. Basically what
  7. I actually wondered about this to, it would be great if someone could answer. I though maybe just splashing my face with the green tea of lightly rubbing the used tea bags over, I dont know for sure though.
  8. Well Its been awhile since I updated. As always, I use products, love them and then end up hating them. Its not so much that I hate them, I just loose interest, haha, I go through products a lot just because Im interested in trying them. But normally I end up breaking out and feeling like im not getting anywhere. I love the Avene line still, The cleanser is great, one of the best I used and I will continue to use it, unless I find something cheaper that I can pick up at the store. The Avene
  9. Dont worry about it Aubrey, some people are like that. Willow wasnt trying to be rude though, she was just trying to show you the real study that was done and put some more truth into this matter. As for the people calling you a salesperson and such, ignore them, I once before said about a company I really liked and people called me a salesperson or promoter. Its just how people are. Now as for BP, I personally dont like it either. It has nothing to do with cancer or free radicals, I just pe
  10. Haha yea I would have to agree, the cultures are definitely different. But thats cool that you like the Japanese culture too
  11. maybe your into what japanese has to provide for you./ Well im not sure what you meant by this, I hope nothing bad. But yes, Japan does provide a lot to us, which I am grateful for, although thats not what I meant. I've been to japan twice now on vacation and I love it. Beautiful place and great people. They live their lives so peacefully and calm, and their beliefs and such are just awesome.
  12. France or Japan. Im really big into Japanese culture, everything about it amazes me and just the daily way they live their lives feels so right to me. Its hard to explain, haha Or France, just because its a beautiful place, love the people, the style, everything Haha and the funny thing is my username is Cowboy101, and both of those places are complete opposite, haha, but Im not really a cowboy or anything, it was an inside joke when I made it.
  13. Haha, Ive never heard that before and I highly doubt it has any clinical backing. Im going to school for chemistry so I research stuff like this cuz Im a nerd, and besides that fact most dermatologists you talk to will tell exactly what I did. Your skin naturally produces oil, its the skins lubricant. Take a bike chain for example, you put lubricant on it, after the chain starts making annoying noises or not working as well, you put more lube on it. As I said oil is the skin natural lubricant,
  14. I know what you mean 110%. I dont hang out with friends anymore, When I talk to people I make a fist and hols it over my chin area like im resting it there, but really im doing it to cover my acne, or I look at the floor when I talk to people. I hate work, I hate going out, it sucks. All I want is to be happy, to get up every morning smiling knowing that I can go out and not have to worry about my zits looking back at me. My parents think im crazy and waste my money, my friedns tell me to
  15. It didnt work for me. It made my skin amazingly soft and smooth, but just didnt clear up my acne. When I called to get my refund the girl said it could take up to 8 weeks I only used it for about 4, but I told her i'll just pass.