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  1. I have very enlarged pores, does anyone know if acutane will help reduce the size of my pores??? I am in my late thirties and never did go on acutane even though I should have when I was younger. My doctors never mentioned acutane and by the time I knew of it I was already badly scarred (rolling type). Please help if you have heard if acutane can/does infact reduce pore size.
  2. 60mj - 50%. Almost highest settings. I would consider doing another one if I would have gotten at least some improvement, any improvement. Glad this is working out for you.
  3. I did the repair to help everything. Dr. told me 50-70%. Overall look and rolling scars. I hope things work out for you if you decide to do the Fraxel repair. I would not do it again and my doctor is offering to do this again for free. If I would have gotten just 10-20% i would do it again. I got Zero and I am a perfect canadite for this procedure.
  4. Drexel, I had Fraxel repair done about 4 months ago and it did absolutely nothing except make me look red for 2 months. Then at each follow up visit the doctor gave me fillers because the fraxel didn't do what they said it would. Lasers do not work. At least not for me. I am pretty positive repair will do nothing for ice pick scars if that is the problem you are trying to correct. Every single enlarged pour i have was still there after the repair and the doctor hit me with the highest settings a
  5. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Los Angeles area who has the experience to do Microdroplet Silicone Injections. This does seem like something I am very interested in doing. The next grasp to find some kind of help. I just did Fraxel re-pair and wasted 4k and 2 months of my life. Basically Zero improvement! I am here to say Fraxel is a waste and DOES NOT WORK. Unless you get off on being red for two months, then go for it.
  6. Thank you so much for the info Gobucks2002!!! If I decide to go with the obagi system I will make sure I do not get the product around my lips... Why are you only using the C-Serum? Have you noticed this product helping with a certain problem you are trying to deal with?
  7. Thank you lovemylife!!! I will post after the visit. Is Active FX simular to Fraxel Repair (Co2 laser)?
  8. I have an appointment with Dr. Obagi this Thursday 3-5-09 in Los Angeles. I would like to get some feedback from anyone who has tried the Obagi system or has had the Obagi Blue peel done and what results this has had on their skin (positive and negative). I have severe orange peel skin and would like to improve my overall skin texture if posible. I also have rolling scars that have improved 50% with Restalyne and other laser procedures. I am also going to be consulted about Fraxel repair. This i
  9. Happy Birthday Bro. Here's to great year.
  10. Bump Thanks for the advise electroscars. Where can I buy the PCA products? I am looking for a wash as well. Pumpkin head - I have been using products from PCA (Physicians Choice of Arizona). I love them so far. I use the face wash, nutrient toner, moisturizer, and purifying mask. I also just had one of their peels done on Monday...the moisturizer is non-greasy and it has aloe and vitamins along with a tiny amount of lactic acid in it. It also has SPF 25 in it. I really like it.
  11. Can anyone suggest a moisturizer that would not leave my skin looking greasy as well as improving the orange peel look of my skin. I use Cetaphil right now and have used other products that always seem to leave my skin looking greasy which increases that crappy orange peel look. There has got to be something that would help me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Can anyone recomend a good Doctor in the LA area for treatment of rolling acne scars. I have been to a bunch and have had no luck. Please help...
  13. Has anyone tried thermage/thermacool for acne scarring(rolling type)? if so did it help??? I may be doing a study on this treatment and would like to know if it has helped anyone. I will let everyone know what kind of results I get when I do this study at the begining of May...