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  1. No. I'd been on erythromycin on two seperate occasions, and they came back after 2 months maximum. The antibiotics merely suppress bacteria growth, after you wean off them the spots come back, for me.
  2. Well thank you.. I'm going to try to limit my washing. The thing is, I'm prone to having severe cysts that leave scars (although not big cysts that require operations) especially on the forehead and cheeks. I don't want to go to antibiotics again if only to preserve my liver. I've nothing to lose anyway. Will try to update this thread..
  3. Unfortunately when we're out in the field it's usually for at least 3 days, without even basic facilities like toilets. I hate CAM cream too, does it clog up the pores and make acne worse?
  4. Hi Jan Carlo, I'm wondering if this method is suitable for very oily skin in a hot and humid climate? Shouldn't it be that without washing there would be more clogged pores instead? (pardon me for my question) My Dad had a big problem with acne, with lots of scarring while my mum has none. She too advises your method, of minimal skincare products except the usual Clinque 3 step programme. However, I'd like to ask a big question: I'm in the army now where I don't have access to hot water at all
  5. I'm from Singapore (South-East Asia) and I'm in need of a suitable mosturizer to replace the one recommended by the regime. I couldn't find any cetaphil products over here.
  6. Stingray: Would the best option be to opt for an alcohol sanitizing gel, and after that apply the gentle skin cleanser? Alternatively would wet wipes be viable, as in do they clean the face well enough? Also, are scented wet wipes a no-no, which I've heard from a beautician?
  7. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it very much! 1) Is Retin-A micro in oral form, or is it in cream form? Does that mean that if I apply too much tretinoin cream over my face it will potentially clog pores and do more harm instead? I've been using the cream for some months now (more than 6 weeks) though the amount I've been using has been quite sparringly due to a fear of excessive usage. 2) As for the BP regime, does the generous portion of BP applied irritate the skin? Because of the na
  8. Do you happen to be in the same kind of climate, with the same limitations (e.g. military service)?
  9. Wet ones? Are you referring to wet wipes or liquid form facial wash? If it's the latter, it's more about the lack of clean water as well as the concentration (we usually don't wash our hands with detergent for the whole duration, even if say, one relieves himself) of bacteria on my hands, while in the jungle terrain.
  10. Need some help with the amount of the cream to apply to my whole face, is it the same amount as shown in the DKR regime (albeit for BP)? The cream was instructed by the derm for me to apply every night, but thin layers of application don't seem to help after 3 months. I'm afraid that too much of the cream will end up doing more damage than good, how do I assess how much to apply?
  11. Hi guys, I need some advice because my acne is causing me a great deal of emotional stress as well as a lack of confidence in my appearance. 1) I'm 19 and I've been dealing with acne for 5 years ongoing, and I've deep scarring already on my forehead and my right cheek. 2) I've noticed that whenever there are new cysts (large and painful red swellings) the skin would be itchy at that area. How do I deal with the itch? 3) I've tried antibiotics (oral erythromycin), which cleared up my skin at f
  12. Well, I'm undergoing compulsory military service for the next 1.5 years, and we'll be out in the field doing training quite often. There'll probably be 4-5 days of staying in the field for every session of training, and there isn't an opportunity to get access to facial cleansers and clean water to wash my face. What are the alternatives to using facial cleansers, that can clean pores at the same time? My hands are usually very dirty with soil, mud and dirt and it's impossible to try to wash my