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  1. My situation is that I've lots of blackheads on my forehead, and they often get inflamed and become pimples with pus when I leave them alone. I usually do squeeze out the blackheads when I see them.

    However I'm curious, should I be doing that? Squeezing the blackheads does leave a small scar, but when it gets inflamed and pus-filled it leaves a scar as well. So I'm kinda wondering what I should be doing.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, I was away in Laos without internet access!

    I stopped using because I ran out of the medicine and did not intend to take future courses of steroids (inhaled).

    It is definitely enhanced by stress, hair fall is so much more when I'm mugging for the finals or when I experience great emotional stress.

    My skin is fine though, no problems with it. Excellent, maybe a little dandruff on the scalp sometimes but other than that there's been no other problems!

  3. do you have body hair loss, or only hair? do you have any signs of scalp inflammatory(itching, rednes, burning sensations, foliculitis)? do you have regrowth after hair fall?

    Steroids help when you have some kind of accutane induced diffuse alopecia areata...

    I had body hair loss, leg hair, eyebrows, pubic region etc.

    No redness, no burning sensations. Itching is rare.

    Regrowth, I'm not sure. It was not long enough to see if I regrew out the hair that had fallen.

    Steroids help, but I'm not sure anyone had effects from inhaled steroids at low dosages. The effects are supposed to be localized at the lungs region and very mild.

  4. I took accutane for a course of 30mg for 10 months (first course). I lost lots of hair upwards of 100. But it stopped halfway through the course for some reason.

    The hair loss came back and persisted even after I stopped the medication for 10 months.

    I took my second course 4 months ago and for a period of time the hair loss stopped. This time I suspected that the hair loss stopped because of my use of my asthma inhaler which contains steroids.

    On both occasions where my hair loss stopped (completely, hair loss was only 3 or 4 in the showers instead of 30+) I used the inhaler. I noticed during the second course that after I used it long term, 1 month later I would drastically reduce my hair fall.

    I asked my derm about it, he said it was unlikely and improbable, but I'm just throwing it out for you guys as my personal observation.

    Any ideas or similar experiences?

    At this time though, I must say I've no idea whether steroids (or other active ingredients in my inhaler) actually addressed the root cause of my hair loss from accutane (which I don't know) or it induced hair growth only on the head and not else where (which was shot down by my derm and internet research).

  5. I'm 9 months post-accutane, and my hair seems fine now. At my peak I was probably dropping 130+ strands of hair. Used to have real thick hair, now it's just thick. I was really stressed out by exams too, and it exacerbated the situation. Now that my acne is returning my hair doesn't drop at all, and I'm back to square one.

    So in my case hair fall and severity of acne are inversely related.

  6. I took it for 10 months on 30mg/day. I lost hair around my first month. However there was a period of time I didn't lose hair, 5th to 9th month. It could have been a mass gainer supplement I took or could be that I used a steroid inhaler for a month. I haven't used both and the hairloss has been back now after 5 months off 'tane.

    So if any of you is interested that was my accidental "cure".

  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in knowing whether there're differences in Roaccutane vs Accutane common dosage? Reason being I went to my derm and he took out a chart supplied by Roche which basically states how much you're supposed to be on, and it's calculated in mg/kg. Now I'm around 136 lbs, which is 62 kg, and I'm being prescribed 30 mg/day eventually bumping to about 40 mg daily.

    I see forums over here though, and 80-100 is no uncommon, although in my country it's so high it's unheard of.

    Thus I'd like to know if the differences go beyond just a difference in branding, because the difference in usual dosage (I've severe acne for one) is 2 times.

  8. Well my friend seems to get drier skin when he takes about 6g a day of fish oil pills (effectively around 3.6 of EPA+DHA). You could try and see if it's effective, the effects are usually quite fast, you either get it or you don't. It's extremely costly though, about on par with accutane over here.

  9. Hi

    I'd like to find out whether it's safe to do liver flushes, and at the same time still being on antibiotics. Reason being, right now I'm suffering minor breakouts (probably the end of the life cycle for minocycline in my case), and I'd like to try to flush my liver after being on antibiotics for more than 2 years. However if I were to stop my course I'd likely have a huge IB, so as best as possible I won't want to. :(

  10. Hi

    I'm looking through the list of supplements, and two things prove rather difficult to source, namely both liquid forms of fish oils.

    I found a somewhat reputable brand sold here in Singapore (http://www.ttshpharmezy.nhg.com.sg/scripts/ttsh_category.asp?catID=20702&item=2201), but am at a loss as to whether it actually contains enough EPA DHA for this regime?

    Secondly, I'm currently still unable to find brands of liquid fish oil. Is it possible/adviseable to have cod liver oil replace fish oil instead? My last option would be to buy online and ship it from the states, but that would be very costly to say the very least.

  11. Hi guys, recently I've been taking lots of prescription anti-biotics from my derm, but at this point of time I feel like enough damage has been done to my body.

    The Acne Cure has a 3 step regime, here's the summary I've gotten from another website. More importantly though, has anyone who had moderate to severe acne gotten results from this, and stayed clear? Reason being, right now my acne is under control, it used to be severe, and mainly the cheeks and forehead are affected.

    The way this regime goes, it seems very difficult to apply cold treatment to such a large surface, so I'm looking for some advice for those who've tried it before. :)

    Step one


    Clear dead cells and bacteria using salicylic acid two per cent wash,morning(before shaving for men)and night.Wet the skin with warm water,pour a penny sized amount into your palm,add a few drops of water and rub until mixed.Massage acne area.Leave the lotion on for two minutes and rinse with warm water(Acnisal salicylic acid two per cent wash,£7.28,mail order from John Bell &Croydon.Call 020-7935-5555 and ask for the pharmacy department.

    Step two


    To loosen and remove plugs of sebum,most of which are within closed pores,use glycolic acid(found in anti-ageing creams)cream 8-10 per cent,which helps reduce inflammation and swelling and opens previously closed pores.It also dissolves plugs beneath the skin and opens pores to let out pent-up sebum and pus.Apply the cream after the salicylic acid treatment in the morning in the same way as step 1.Leave on for a few minutes.Rinse with warm water.(Glycolic acid 10 per cent products are available from department stores and major chemists).

    Step three


    Infected pus still lurks in the skin.The most effective remedy is the antibacterial agent benzoyl peroxide(BP) at five per cent concentration (2.5 per cent for dark skin).At night,after washing off the salicylic acid,run an ice cube over the area to be treated until it's wet and cold to the touch.Apply the BP (store in the fridge)in the same way as for the salicylic acid,but first cool the palm of your hand with the ice cube to avoid warming up the BP.Then,place a cold pack(ice cubes wrapped in towelling)on the affected area.After 10 minutes,wipe off the excess,leaving the residue to work on the bacteria.The cold opens the pores where bacteria hide,allowing the BP to work.If there's more than a tingling sensation when using the BP,use the glycolic acid and BP on alternate days.If you do this,use cold packs with the glycolic acid as well.(Panoxyl Acnegel,five per cent BP,£2.66,or Oxy on the spot cream,2.5 per cent BP,£4.45.both from Boots).

    Follow up


    Use an oil free moisturiser containing SPF 15 or higher sunscreen in the morning and an oil-free cream containg antioxidants at night.Use a cleanser containing glycolic acid,or once a week apply a small amount of glycolic cream to the areas that had acne.

    If you have black skin


    Follow the steps as shown,but before applying the BP,ensure face is very wet from the ice.Rub a small amount of BP over face,including areas not affected.If there's no real improvement by the end of week three,apply BP in the mornings,too.