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  1. If you want to f**k your face, go get this

    So. I'm giving it two starts just cause it has an amazing shade palette and I love the consistence and also the coverage is amazing. When you don't have acne prone skin, go get this for sure. But if you have, don't buy it. I went in Mac being considered that I will buy the best make up that I can and I asked for something that can cover. She gave me studio fix. Yes it was perfect color and covered everything. And yes in one week I had perfect pimples all over my face 😂 I didn't realize it's
  2. Caroline910

    I love it !

    I love it !

    Before three months I started to have some serious hormonal cystic acne and of course it left me scars. I was doing a lot of things for it with expensive creams and soaps etc. I said to myself that I will try to find some home natural remedies and this is just jackpot. I used it two times and I saw so big diffrerence in my skin. It was shiny, soft, beautiful and redness go away. I repeat it every day, sometimes with lemon juice, sometimes without. I mix honey and tumeric, put it on my face and l
  3. Friend that I always come back to😉

    I used to put lemon juice on my face when I had scars, and it helped perfectly. Sometimes it also help to dry out pimples and make them go away. However, I have forgotten about it and now since I got some hormonal acne and it left me scars I start use it again before I go to the bed and in the afternoon when I do my daily routine .. and I'm really satisfied. Recommend it;)