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  1. Does it sting your face? My face stings a lot after I apply the CVS brand of Aloe Vera. I left my bottle at home (currently in college), so I can't test to see if it still drys me out after I exfoliate... last time I applied AV it seemed to have dried my face, but maybe it's because my skin wasn't exfoliating properly.
  2. I've gotten some bad stinging when I apply the moisturizer on irritated skin. Today I got a random rash, and itchy as it seems, it also stings horribly when I put the moisturizer on it. But, on my normal skin, no stinging. Hmm, for those who reported stinging, is the area in which you're applying the moisturizer to irritated, broken, or acne prone?
  3. I have a question on how LH5 and AHAs work. Let's say that after I take a shower (I can't seem to not take a really long shower), my face gets really really dry. You can see flakiness and dry skin. I use Dan's new moisturizer, and it's been helping my skin feel hydrated. However, after a while I can still feel dry skin if I swipe my face with my finger. I'm guessing that it's skin that's been damaged, as I had eczema on that part of the face. Also, I also seem to feel oily using Dan's moistur
  4. Same here, received mines fifteen minutes ago. ^.^ As someone mentioned, when I first opened the cap, the neck of the dispenser had some lotion coming out of it. Plus the bottle design is rather plain, and I'm afraid of my parents telling me that I got something rather suspicious, when I know it isn't. Does it really matter if I'm on the regimen or not? I only bought the moisturizer because my other moisturizer(s) wasn't(aren't) good enough for my skin, they either stung really badly or made
  5. Very interesting read... I've always knew the sugar wasn't going to do me any good, but I've learned some new things from you guys. I always thought all cereal was good for you. Any recommendations? I used to eat those Quaker Oat oatmeals where you add water and heat it up. But it has sugar in it too, so I'm not too sure.
  6. I have Kashi . But the box is empty... time to get more . They're awesome with milk.
  7. I've been recently eating cereal (specifically Froot Loops or Fruity Cheerios) in place of junk food I love (Hot Lays, Hot fries, etc x_X) a lot lately. Do you think it's okay for me to continue doing this? I'm eating about three or more bowls of cereal a day, but I do worry a bit because some of my cereals have lots of sugar in it. As far as my skin goes, it fluctuates from feeling good to feeling itchy. I get small acne, but nothing too severe. I've linked my feeling bad to not enough water,
  8. I'm seeing little raised things that looks like hives. Does your face itch? My face looks similar to yours.
  9. Does the area have to be flaky if you have seborrheic dermatitis? My face is pretty much always rashed up, and I might be thinking that something lives on my face... either an infection or bacteria.
  10. Well, I went to see my dermatologist, and at the moment, there wasn't any significant signs of a rash, rather hives, she went off to say that I have severe acne. It was mostly because she saw the scars that I have. She prescribed me Solodyn (antibiotic) and Tazorac (cream) for my acne. My next problem is this: whenever I wake up, my cheeks/forehead feels swollen, or thickened. By that, I mean that when I attempt to smile, I would have a difficult time keeping the smile, because of the thickeni
  11. I used really hot water and soak the brush in that, and use a Q-tip to clean off the oily parts. But I'll try the hand sanitizer... Also, does your brush get stiff sometimes? I think my brush got a bit stiff, because I could feel it scratching my face now, but so far nothing bad on my face pops out.
  12. I'm not sure if it actually worked, because the side that I applied Vaseline to was still a bit itchy. The texture of my skin did improve though! Maybe I should try it on my other side of my face... *crosses fingers again =D* (I only used it for one day, so maybe I "quit" a bit too soon? hehe)
  13. I tried this today using my recently purchased brush from Wal-mart ($0.96, came with comb). One thing that I noticed was that my face was really shiny, but no oil. Is this normal? Can shampoo do this as well? I can see some flaky stuff afterwards, but didn't cleanse it because I risk getting itchy again. I have eczema on my face, so I was worried about trying this method. So far, it wasn't itchy after I showered myself, but I'm still worried that new bumps will form, causing another rash attack
  14. Vaseline eh? I'll definitely try that then XD. *crosses fingers* Edit: My face actually feel better not using my prescription or moisturizer... The side of my face that got moisturized itches a tiny bit, and my other side feels... nice ; I will try Vaseline on that side though, and see what happens.
  15. I took some recent pics of my face after washing: http://filexoom.com/files/2006/10/22/26512/xurejlsd.JPG http://filexoom.com/files/2006/10/22/26512/xuresdfx.jpg When I woke up, it was quite itchy, and new bumps started appearing at the bottom of my face. Washing it felt like washing rough skin... sandpaper-like! (hmm where have I read that...) With all the acne that blends in with my rash, I can't tell if the small bumps you can see at the bottom of my face is acne or not. I saw some localiz