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  1. All that i can say is that i take the same coated pills and I am deathly allergic to Soya (Cystic). I have seen nothing but improvement so you SHOULD be fine
  2. It would explain alot for me if it did...
  3. I have been taking 1200 mg of Fish Oil X 3 and 25 mg of Zinc X 2 for about 2 weeks now and things are looking great. I never had tragic acne, so i think thats why the results are coming faster. I was wondering what you thought about this decision I have to make...>> I am thinking since the Fish oil and Zinc are helping so greatly, I am contemplating stopping using Cetaphil cleanser when i wash. It now feels like it is only tightening my improved Skin??? Any past experiences you can share??
  4. I recently started using Cetaphil clenser and I was wondering if I never used any soap or cleanser of any kind in the past on my face, should things look a bit worse at the start before it gets better??? Thats what is happening.
  5. Can anyone recommend a toothpaste without flouride or sodium laureth?
  6. Thanks for the tips, but do you know if the moisturizer will be better for the overall results??
  7. I have recently purchased Cetaphil Gentil Clenser and Moisturizer to compliment. I was using both for the first few days, but it seems that my skin does not dry with the cleanser and when I add the moisturizer it just makes me look over shiny. Therefore, I have just been using the cleanser for about a week. Things are better, but would the moisturizer be better for results?
  8. God made you for a reason and you have a role here on earth, remember that...
  9. From what I've read elsewhere, the essential amounts of EPA and DHA needed are very small compared to what we're supplementing with. Hence, maybe we're better off primarily focusing on lowering the o-6 and LA in our diets to get better ratios than oversupplementing with o-3 to match our current high levels of o-6? Good find!! so the incorporation of good fatty acids into the phospholipid bilayer is more depedant on a low o6 diet then it is on a high o6 diet, very nice. ive been doin
  10. I had a major breakout because of Kelp within a multivitamin that was extracting iodine. Do fish oil capsules contain iodine? I stopped taking the vitamin and have cleared up somewhat since. maybe it was unrelated.