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  1. i have the same acne scarring (or enlarged pores) as you do. let me know what kind of things you've done with them to help minimize them. and of course...vice versa.. :)

  2. Hey dear. I haven't seen you in a while :[

  3. Where are you, man? :T

  4. Goshhh...

    Where -are- you? You didn't even reply to meeeehhhh! ._.

  5. You'll get a lengthy message from me :)

  6. how's everything? long time no talk.

  7. so... the past week i was a) shot down by a girl that i asked out. b) declined an internship that i interviewed for. c) got hints from my school that it doesn't want to admit me into my primary major. i'm not too upset by it all for some odd reason (maybe it didn't hit me yet), but i feel the need to let it out. the huge pimple on the side of my nose didn't help my week also.
  8. try accutane if u haven't already? i'm sure things will look up
  9. u should say to her that she's not used to having a black eye also. then she would probably say "what?" and that';s when u sucker punch her
  10. GRAAAH. The 14th T_T

  11. what's up? u out yet? are u on hiatus or something?