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  1. UniqueHold

    Should I go back on accutane?

    I was on 30mg accutane for 5 months before I stopped because I taught I was done but somehow the acne is returning only on my left cheek area. Should I go back on accutane for a couple more months or use something else?
  2. I stopped using accutane about a month ago and now I'm starting to breakout on the left side of my face. I'm wondering why. Is it the Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer that I'm using? What would happen if I stopped moisturizing my face after washing it? Would my face get better? What do you suggest I should do?
  3. UniqueHold

    Before and after

    Before accutane After 5 months of 30mg on accutane However these blackhead and pimples still remain. It's not much though. I might have cut the treatment short. Should I start over or use something else? Thanks for your input!
  4. UniqueHold

    First day on Accutane

    It seemed to have been coincidental to me. I haven't vomited since. I would assume that your body need to get use to it at first. I'm on 30mg and take it everyday with a meal around 7 or so. So far so good. I'll keep you updated. Let me know if everything goes well on your end too.
  5. So yesterday was my first day on accutane. I took it with a meal. The next day which is today I threw up around 3pm. Was it the accutane that made me vomit or maybe something I ate? Did the accutane I took yesterday went to waste or is it already doing its thing in my system?
  6. Miguellp, did accutane work for you? How was it?
  7. Keep it simple, wash your face then moisturize morning and nights. It works
  8. I'd like to know if this is hyperpigmentation or if it's something else
  9. What are the percentages of both products and what are they? It should work either way just wondering
  10. UniqueHold

    What type of acne do I have?

    Anybody at all? Any suggestions is fine
  11. I was told I have Comedonal Acne but after seeing a photo with someone having it I'm starting to think I don't have it, at least not anymore. I have a couple of pimples here and there but I think the benzoyl peroxide will take care of that. What I'm mostly worried about are the brown marks I have on my face. They are indented in my face so I can't feel it but its there and quite a bit of it. It's causing discoloration on my face? What exactly is it and what can I use to fade these marks? Also wo
  12. I am seeing some improvements with my acne. I no longer have as much clogged pores as last week but I still do have quite a bit of acne marks on my face from the clogged pores. If I continue my same regimen which is glycolic exfoliate wash 2%, benzoyl peroxide cream 2% then aloe vera gel 99% would those marks fade away? I also go to the sauna or steam room 4 to 5 times a week, drink plenty of water and drink 2 cups of herbal tea every day. So will I be seeing improvements on my face any time soo
  13. How would I know what is causing my acne? My father also has a serious case of acne, so does my sister. Does that mean its hormonal? I feel like my acne marks are getting lighter so I think the nip and fab glycolic acid exfoliate cleansing is helping me. Either that or the benzoyl peroxide cream or aloe vera gel. I drink plenty of water and just started drinking 2 cups of herbal tea everyday. I've also been spending 20 minutes 3 to 4 times a day in the steam room so that also might have helped.
  14. Okay I will stop using the neutrogena blackhead eliminator soap as well as the electric brush. I will also stop using solodyn antibiotic, acanya and epiduo cream as I don't believe it's working for me. What do you think about me using nip and fab glycolic acid exfoliate cleansing instead? It's only 2% percent which should be safe for daily use and has no microbeads. Also how about aloe vera as a moisturizer? My current regemin is nip and fab glycolic acid exfoliate cleansing, 2.5 percent benzoyl
  15. I'n not sure exactly what type of acne I have but I think it's severe. I've been using many otc products which probably made it worse and would like to start over. What type of acne do I have and how can I treat it?