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  1. lol another irish guy. The acnamino are working somewhat ok. Its been near 2 weeks now and im happy enough as it has took the size away from spots. only another 3 months to go.
  2. Id imagine it depends exactly where you would be shaving the hair from. Ive no idea. But ive known girls who were still shaved and were using acne drugs,. Yeah this really is a girly thread lol.
  3. I dont use any thing like pro hormones. never have and never will. Im here for help and support, not a debate or condemnation on my past activities using steroids. Most pro hormones are no different than the real thing. Yes they are not as powerful but most pro hormones are acctua steroids which have been excluded from the FDA drug list for medical use. This is way alot of pro hormones which come out end up getting regulated and banned. I only wish for questions relating to acne and my medicat
  4. smoking weed decreases testosterone levels and raises estrogen levels. why somebody wants to be a dope head is beyond most normal people. Id doubt that wanking gives you acne.
  5. Yeah accutane is my only hope. Its not nice living everyday in pain. i cant sit on a chair properly because it hurts and bleeds, i cant lay on my back in bed. The water hitting my back having a shower is agony, trying to wash my back is agony. I have to wear atleast 2 vests under my shirt just so the blood does not soak all the way through. my shirts stick to me and are extremely sore to unstick. This affects my whole life. From general life to my sex life with my wife. My wife cant even hold me
  6. mattireland

    matts amazing album

    just pics of me acne progress
  7. the female pill is a steroid. You gain weight and get acne due to a higher amount of synthicated hormones in your blood stream. Its the same reason men who use anabolic steroids get acne. And the main reason how i got my acne. Im a man and use to use steroids, the massive amount of androgen in my body caused my skin to become so oily and i ended up with cystic acne on my back. When my wife takes the pill she gets very moody lol and gains weight. The doctor told us what ive said above about the p
  8. Im 24 and now married. I know with my cystic acne on my back that im highly embarassed about it. I hate my wife seeing me naked. it affects our sex life as im in pain from my back. If i was single id be a hermit.
  9. Edit. Ive read about hormone acne, sorry
  10. Been awhile since ive logged on. Im at the end of my erytromycin treatment and its done nothing much. It has cleared my shoulders and cleared alot of my back, really just red scars now, but i still get this cystic acne, The tablets did nothing to get rid of those, yes its not as bad but im still in pain when i lay down, i still have to wear 2 shirts, i still bleed and i feel so depressed over it. Im 24 years old and i have this. to see me in the street one would have no idea that my back is lik
  11. Hey guys and gals. For along time i have suffered from severe acne, but only on my back and shoulders. During the past 9 months it got so bad that i acctually bleed from my back. I have to wash my bedsheets nearly every 2 days as they get covered in blood and puss. i know this is horrible. I went to the doctor and he put me on erytromcin tablets at 750mg per day plus an anti-biotic gel to use at night. Its been 2 months now and while it has cleared up to a certain extent the normal spots,,im s