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  1. Do you mean, you're still getting new pimples or are you saying you still have pimples from before accutane?
  2. hmm i kinda actually wish my skin was dry forever because sebum production made me break out in the 1st place and now its coming back Don't worry, my oil came back after I finished with accutane. It wasn't as bad or close to how oily my skin was before accutane. I haven't had a serious breakout since I started accutane. Only time I had a breakout was when I tried vaseline on my face.(DO NOT PUT VASELINE ON YOUR FACE, IT CLOG PORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Good luck with post accutane.
  3. I remember being asked if I wanted to take accutane in 2004-2005 and I let it passed. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I had huge huge, I mean HUGE cyst all over my face; forhead, cheeks, jaw, nose, neck, back... you name it, I had it. I took accutane in 2007 and it cleared me up. I still have scars, but I rather have some scars that you have to be up close to see than have huge red pimples that you can see half a block away. The scars I have are indentend scars, can't really do much about it unless I plan
  4. How many mgs are you taking? Remember to take it with your biggest meal of the day, or with a meal. I think it was the 4-5th day when I noticed it really taking an effect. I never got a breakout while on Accutane(lucky). I remember seeing my blackheads literally pushing out my skin and coming out; it was pretty cool. Good Luck.
  5. Comparing your last picture to your first picture, it looks like it got worse. It may look like the pimples have gone "down," but it has spread into other areas where your skin was clear. What did the dermatologist say when you asked him/her about your situation? If I were you, I would ask for advice from experts and go from there. You should stop changing what you are doing ever 5 days because it's not going to help. Once you get advice and you know what you plan on doing, stick with it. A
  6. Day 5 Nothing new, except I have a huge pimple on my elbow .
  7. well for me it's different. i know for sure that once my acne is gone, my life will do a 180. the same way my life did a 180 when i started having bad acne.
  8. hahaha chuck norris icon today's my 5th day on accutane, good luck with yours.
  9. Day 4 Woke up today and my face was RED!! Took a shower and it calmed down a little. I can definitely feel accutane working. My face is getting a little better, I'm just wondering when the IB is going to happen. My headache went away but I still feel a little pain. This week has gone by really slow for me. It's only day 4 and it seems like it's been a month.
  10. Day 3 Well, today is the third day since starting accutane and I have a headache . I'm not sure if it's from accutane but it really hurts. My neck feels hot and my forehead feels hot, so my mom gave me some tylenol. My face is less oily than usual so that's good, my lips aren't dry. I haven't had any breakouts so I guess that's good . I guess that's about it. Bye.
  11. DAY 2 40mg a day No real signs of accutane kicking in yet . Just took my second pill after eating dinner. Good night.
  12. I'm starting accutane tonight, good luck to you!!